TEST -- The All-RIKEN Workshop 2020 / 令和2年度 理研大交流会

Suzuki Umetaro Hall & Main Cafeteria (Wako Branch)

Suzuki Umetaro Hall & Main Cafeteria

Wako Branch

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama
Yasumasa Takenaka (RIKEN CSRS Bioplastic Research Team)

We are pleased to announce that "The All-RIKEN Workshop 2019" (The 20th Interdisciplinary Exchange Evening / Discovery Evening / Chief Scientist Assembly Research Workshop / FY2017 Research Reporting Session for Incentive Research Grants) will be held on December 5th and 6th, 2019 in Wako campus. It is organized by RIKEN Scientists' Assembly Steering Committee, co-organized by RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research and RIKEN Personnel Affairs Section, and sponsored by RIKEN Mutual Benefit Society.

This workshop is aimed to encourage collaborative research project, and to provide opportunities for all RIKEN members to get to know each other in a cross disciplinary setting.

Please join us and enjoy meeting people from different fields.


We will have about 60 posters, short award talks, invited talks, special talk, and several Very-Short-Oral-Presentations (V.S.O.P.s). Free food and drinks will be served at the 20thinterdisciplinary exchange evening Session. Please join us and enjoy meeting people from different fields.


We will show the oral sessions by the TV conference system in each branch.

Harima Branch : Synchrotron Radiation Physics Facility (2F, room 202)


令和元年125日(木)および12月6日(金)、和光キャンパスにおいて、令和元年度「理研大交流会」(第20回 異分野交流の夕べ・Discovery Evening・主任研究員会議 研究会・平成29年度採択 奨励研究課題 成果報告会)を研究員会議幹事会、人事部研究人事課および開拓研究本部 主任研究員会議と合同開催します(協賛:理研共催会和光部会)。




60件のポスター発表(平成29年度採択 奨励研究課題の成果報告会を兼ねています。)の他に、受賞講演、招待講演、特別講演およびV.S.O.P.(Very Short Oral Presentation)を行います。第20回 異分野交流の夕べ(ポスター会場)では、無料の飲食物もご用意いたしますので、何卒、気軽にご参加頂きたく、お願い申し上げます。





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