RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

What can we learn from nuclear density profiles?

by Wataru Horiuchi (Osaka Metropolitan University)


=Date and Place=

Nov. 7th (Mon) 2022  , 13:30~ via Hybrid (ZOOM + RIBF Hall)


Prof. Wataru Horiuchi (Osaka Metropolitan University)


What can we learn from nuclear density profiles?


Density distributions tell us various information on the structure of an atomic nucleus. In this talk, I will discuss how thenuclear structure is reflected in the density profiles by showing some examples selected from our recent works. Various density profilesare examined by direct comparison to reaction observables. Contents include the following topics:

(1) "Core swelling phenomena [1]“

are found to be universal and can be understood by investigating the density profiles in both the internal and surface densities[2,3].

(2) "Nuclear deformation"

exhibits characteristic density profiles near the nuclear surface [4].

Some examples in the island of inversion near N=40 [5] will be presented.

(3) "Shell or cluster configurations?"

If time allows, I will discuss the possibility of extracting the degree of nuclear clustering from the analysis of the density profiles [6].


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