[RIBF-ULIC-miniWS-003] Nuclear physics with energy-degraded RI beam at RIBF

RIBF Building 2F Conference Hall (10:00-12:15), 2F Meeting Room (14:00-16:00)

RIBF Building 2F Conference Hall (10:00-12:15), 2F Meeting Room (14:00-16:00)

Eiji Ideguchi (CNS, University of Tokyo), Toshiyuki Sumikama (Tokyo University of Science)
Low-energy nuclear reactions such as fusion-evaporation, multi-step Coulomb excitation, transfer reactions, etc. are important probes to investigate exotic structure of unstable nuclei. While RIBF provides world's most intense RI beams, an energy of about 250 MeV/A is much higher than required energies for low-energy reactions. In this mini-workshop, new proposed method to degrade energy and physics cases using degraded beam are discussed. We will also discuss a collaboration not only for the beam development but also for development of ancillary detectors etc.
Application to ULIC