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GLOBAL - ultra-low background experiment on the Earth's surface - by Prof. Tatsushi Shima

RIBF hall

RIBF hall

Title:GLOBAL - ultra-low background experiment on the Earth's surface -
嶋 達志 氏(大阪大学核物理研究センター 准教授)
Prof. Tatsushi Shima(Assosiate RCNP, Osaka University)

Ultra-low background detectors are the essential in “non-accelerator” underground experiments in which the signal rates are extremely low. Such low background detectors will be also useful in recent and future high-precision measurements with use of accelerators for studies of nuclear astrophysics, fundamental symmetries, and so on.
One of the methods to obtain low background condition in such experiments is to bring compact low-energy accelerators into deep underground laboratories.
On the other hand, we are developing another method based on a new concept named “GLOBAL (Ground-based Low BAckground Laboratory)” to realize detectors on the Earth’s surface with the background rates close to those of underground detectors.
GLOBAL will provide new experimental opportunities in various fields of science by allowing one to use highest-performance accelerators and extremely high-sensitivity detectors simultaneously.