RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

The cluster structure in light neutron-rich nuclei by Dr. Zaihong Yang(FPR, Spin Isospin Lab.)

RIBF Conference Hall (RIBF 2F)

RIBF Conference Hall


Dr. Zaihong Yang (FPR, Spin Isospin Lab. RNC)
15th Sept. (Tues.) 13:30-

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RIBF2F 大会議室

The cluster structure in light neutron-rich nuclei

Many theoretical and experimental studies have been devoted to the cluster structure in nuclei in the past decades. But the detailed mechanism of clustering in nuclei is still an open question and is of fundamental importance in nuclear physics. Neutron-rich Be isotopes are obvious good candidates of clustering studies, for the richness of their cluster structures built on a well established α+α rotor. We have carried out a new inelastic breakup experiment for 12Be at HIRFL-RIBLL in Lanzhou, China. For the first time a strong resonance at 10.3 MeV with spin parity of 0+ was identified. And an enhanced monopole matrix element and a large cluster spectroscopic factor were determined for this state. Some other resonances were also observed in 6He+6He and 4He+8He decay channels. These results reveal a strong clustering structure in 12Be, which is in agreement with the GTCM prediction.