Monthly Colloquium

Status of the Electron-Ion Collider

Nishina Hall

Nishina Hall

=Date & Place=
Aug.4th, Thu. 13:30~  at Nishina Hall

Rikutaro Yoshida
(Group leader, Jlab  EIC physics)

Status of the Electron-Ion Collider

Our understanding of the theory of strong interaction, quantum
chromo-dynamics (QCD), has advanced enormously in the past decades.
Both experimentally and theoretically, perturbative regime in QCD has been
explored and understood at precision.  At the same time, lattice QCD calculations
have begun to yield many quantitative results on properties of hadrons.
The experimental understanding of how nucleons and nuclei are formed from
their constituent quarks and gluons and their interactions, has also made progress
via new experiments and theoretical frameworks such as GPDs and TMDs. 
However, it has been clear for some time that a new experimental facility is
needed in order to quantify the role of quantum fluctuations and gluons in
nuclear physics and to bring the understanding of nucleon and nuclear structure
and dynamics to a new level. The Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) being proposed in the US and selected as the Nuclear Physics facility being proposed in the US and
selected as the Nuclear Physics facility with highest priority for new construction in the US is such a facility. I will discuss the physics to be explored at EIC and how
they set the parameters of EIC and its detectors.  I will also outline the current
status of the EIC project.