SAMURAI International Collaboration Workshop 2016

Lecture room W1-B211, 2nd floor of Ridge B of West 1 building, Ito champus (Department of Physics, Kyushu University)

Lecture room W1-B211, 2nd floor of Ridge B of West 1 building, Ito champus

Department of Physics, Kyushu University

The SAMURAI facility has been operated successfully in several experiments since March 2012. The main aim of the workshop is to summarize the current status of SAMURAI spectrometer, to exchange information on future experimental plans at SAMURAI, and to shape them into proposals for next NP-PAC meetings. Status and performance of the SAMURAI spectrometer will be reported. In addition, construction status of other major detectors such as SAMURAI-Si, SAMURAI- TPC, and gamma-ray detector (CATANA) will be reported. Those who are planning to submit a proposal are strongly encouraged to give a presentation at the workshop. The presentation is expected to include the following experimental information to discuss its feasibility. * Motivation and purpose of the experiment * Detector configuration and setting * Trigger condition and expected trigger rate * Status of additional detectors you use, other than the standard SAMURAI detectors
  • Andrei Andreyev
  • Atsumi Saito
  • Clementine Santamaria
  • Hideaki Otsu
  • Julian Kahlbow
  • Makoto Ito
  • nobuyuki chiga
  • Satoshi Sakaguchi
  • Satoshi TAKEUCHI
  • Tadaaki Isobe
  • Takashi Nakamura
  • Thomas Aumann
  • Yasuhiro Togano
  • Yosuke KONDO
  • Yuki Kubota
  • Zaihong Yang
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