Special Lecture

Successful approach to gaining a Kakenhi-grant

201 (RIBF Hall)



=Date and Place=
Sep.27th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(201)

Ms.Noriko Shiomitsu
(Director of Nishina Center Planning Office)

Successful approach to gaining a Kakenhi-grant


Noriko Shiomitsu, Director, Head of Nishina Center Planning Office,
has recently published a book on Kakenhi-Grant application.
We are lucky enough to learn directly from her how to write up an application form.

She will summarize her book, do Q&A, and give advice individually in Japanese as well as in English. Her instructions must be useful for your research career.  Note that the researchers who were supported by Director Shiomitsu succeeded in gaining Kakenhi-Grants at a very high rate.

Please join us

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