RIBF Accelerator Seminar

Current status of the Cyclotron Facility at iThemba LABS

by Dr Joele Mira (RNC)

210 (Nishina build.)


Nishina build.

The iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator for Based Sciences (LABS) is a multi-disciplinary research facility administered by National research Foundation under the department of science and technology (DST) of South Africa. This facility is situated about 30km outside Cape Town in the Western Cape Province. The main driver of this facility is the variable frequency separated sector cyclotron (SSC) with a K-value of 200. This year iThemba LABS is celebrating 30 years since the first beam was delivered from the SSC. The ion beams are first pre-accelerated by two solid pole injector cyclotrons denoted SPC1 and SPC2 before injected into the SSC for further acceleration to a desired energy. The SPC1 has an internal PIG ion source and is only used to deliver high intensity proton beam mainly for radioisotope production, as well as for proton and neutron therapy. The second injector cyclotron delivers different ion beams for Nuclear Physics research. Recently the facility has been upgraded in order to increase the beam intensity delivered to the radioisotope production station by installation of the flat-top resonator inside the vacuum chamber of the SPC1 and SSC. In this talk I will give an overview of the iThemba LABS facility and recent developments and also talk about the future plans.
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