RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

First result of the SCRIT electron scattering facility

201 (RIBF Hall)



=Date and Place=
Jul.11th (Tue.) 13:30~  at RIBF Hall(room.201)

Prof.Kyo Tsukada
( Research Center For Electron Photon Science,Tohoku University)

 First result of the SCRIT electron scattering facility

   We constructed the SCRIT electron scattering facility at RIBF in order to realize electron scattering off unstable nuclei. Electron scattering provides the most powerful and reliable information about the structure of atomic nuclei as demonstrated for stable nuclei in the latter half of the 20th century. Meanwhile electron scattering with unstable nuclei has not been realized yet since it is difficult to prepare these nuclei as the target material due to rare and short-lived features. We have invented new target forming technique named Self-Confining Radio-Isotope Ion Target (SCRIT), in which nuclei of interest are three-dimensionally trapped as a target along the electron beam axis. The luminosity required for elastic electron scattering (10^27 [1/cm^2/s]) was achieved with only 10^8 target ions.
   In this seminar, I will report the first result of electron scattering from 132Xe at the SCRIT electron scattering facility and some future prospects.