RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

Probing neutron-neutron correlation in 11Li through the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction



=Date and Place=
Dec.19th, 2017(Tue.) 10:30~ at RIBF Hall

Dr.Yuki Kubota
(RIKEN Nishina Center)

"Probing neutron-neutron correlation in 11Li through the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction"

Dineutron correlation is one of the phenomena expected to appear in in neutron drip-line nuclei. 11Li is one of the best suited systems to study the dineutron correlation because it is considered to play a major role in the binding mechanism.
It has long been studied using different approaches. However, the currently available data seems insufficient in terms of (i) the decomposition of high-angular-momentum components, (ii) the extraction of a core excitation, (iii) and the effect of the final state interactions (FSIs).
To overcome these problems, we performed the kinematically complete measurement on 11Li by employing the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction. The experiment was carried out at the RIKEN RIBF by using the SAMURAI spectrometer combined with the liquid hydrogen target system MINOS. Recoil particles were measured by the neutron detector WINDS and a recoil proton detector, developed for this project.
It was suggested experimentally for the first time that the dineutron correlation in 11Li is developed in the surface region. The averaged opening angle indicates the dineutron correlation in 11Li is weaker than previously reported.