Monthly Colloquium

Study of Hypernuclei with Electron Beams

Nishina Hall

Nishina Hall

=Date and Place=
Dec.26th, 2017(Tue), 13:30- at Nishina Hall

Prof.Satoshi Nakamura
(Tohoku University)

"Study of Hypernucleiwith Electron Beams"

Spectroscopic study of Lambda hypernucleihas started at Jefferson Lab in 2000, the last year of the 20th century. There were many experimental difficulties such as small production cross section, huge electron background and so on.
We, finally, established the Lambda hypernuclearspectroscopy with electron beam by introducing novel experimental techniques and efforts of more than a decade.
JLabhypernuclearcollaboration is now preparing for a new experiment (JLabE12-15-008) to investigate the isospin dependence of Lambda hypernucleiwhich is important to solve the hyperon puzzle of heavy neutron stars.
Another experiment (JLabE12-17-003) is scheduled in winter of 2018 to study n-n-Lambda system of which existence is now under discussion.
I will overview unique feature of hypernuclearstudy with electron beams and highlight of the results obtained at JLab, Mainz and ELPH. Physics goal and preparation status of the new experiments will be also discussed.