RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

Di-neutron correlation, pairing collectivity and pair transfer in nuetron-rich systems

by Prof. Masayuki Matsuo (Niigata University)

Nishina Hall

Nishina Hall


=Date and Place=

Mar.20th(Tue.), 13:30~ at Nishina Hall

 Prof. Masayuki Matsuo
(Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Niigata University)

Di-neutron correlation, pairing collectivity and pair transfer in neutron-rich systems


The di-neutron correlation has been one of the central subjects in the studies of neutron-rich nuclei since the discovery of two-neutron halo nucleus 11Li. Importance of this correlation may be emphasized in connection with the universal manybody phenomenon in pair-correlated Fermion systems, known as the BCS-BEC crossover. In this seminar talk, I intend to clarify richness of the physics of di-neutron correlation by discussing 1) a simple and general rule of emergence of the dineutron correlation, and 2) possible anomalous features of the low-lying and the giant pair vibration states in Sn isotopes with A>132 and A<132. I shall discuss also 3) our recent study of the collective pairing phenomena in the neutron star inner crust.

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