RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

Dibaryoncandidates in decupletbaryons from lattice QCD

by Dr Shinya Gongyo (RIKEN)

201 (RIBF Hall)




=Date and Place=

Oct.2nd(Tue), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall



Dr.Shinya Gongyo




Dibaryoncandidates in decupletbaryons from lattice QCD



In recent years, there is a renewed interest in the dibaryonsdue to exclusive measurements in hadron reactions as well as the direct measurement in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. In this talk, we
present the result of the first principle calculation using lattice QCD. Particularly we focus on the study for dibaryoncandidates involving with the decupletbaryon: (i) the Delta-Delta system with the heavy pion mass, and (ii) the Omega-Omega system with the physical pion mass as well as the heavy pion mass [1]. The Delta-Delta interaction in the 7S3 channel obtained from lattice QCD shows only an strongly attractive interaction (no repulsive core), which leads to a bound state of two Delta baryons, observed as a resonance of two-nucleons in experiment. The result of the Omega-Omega interaction
in the 1S0 channel at physical point shows a shallow bound state (di-Omega) with similar properties to deuteron.
[1] S. Gongyoet al. [HAL QCD Collaboration], PRL 120, no. 21, 212001 (2018)