RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

R-process and kilonova

by Shinya Wanajo (NAOJ)

Nishina Hall

Nishina Hall


=Date and Place=

Mar.12th(Tue.) 13:30~ at Nishina Hall



Dr. Shinya Wanajo

(Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics)



R-process and kilonova



Since the discovery of the kilonova associated with a gravitational source, GW170817, neutron star mergers are recognized to be the astrophysical site of the r-process. A merger of two neutron stars gives rise to an ejection of material made of radioactive heavy nuclei that become the heating source to power a kilonova. Therefore, a reliable prediction of abundance distribution in merger ejecta will be crucial in the coming years. I will discuss which are the key radioactive nuclei as well as what are the key nuclear ingredients in the era of multi-messenger astronomy.

Ref. Wanajo 2018, ApJ, 868, 65