International Technical Safety Forum (ITSF) 2024

RIKEN Wako Campus

RIKEN Wako Campus

    • Reception
    • Opening, Welcome
      Convener: Kanenobu Tanaka (RIKEN)
    • [O-1] Lessons Learned from Incidents
      Convener: Yves Loertscher (CERN)
      • 1
        Experience in the fire at the cyclotron facility and its living lesson in QST
        Speaker: Atsushi Kitagawa (National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology)
      • 2
        ePAS - managing subjectivity in hazard assessment and control
        Speaker: Bill Rainey (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
      • 3
        Learning from incidents; formal and informal methods
        Speaker: Morteza Mansouri (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • 2:20 PM
    • [O-2] Safety Management at User Facility and Joint Construction Project
      Convener: Tetsuro Ishii (J-PARC Center)
      • 4
        Use of Safe Operating Envelopes on Synchrotron Beamlines
        Speaker: Guy Thomas (Diamond Light Source)
      • 5
        Implementing Experimental Safety at MAX IV
        Speaker: Marcin Bielawski (MAX IV)
      • 6
        Health and safety challenges in the joint implementation by Japan and EU for the validation of Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) at Rokkasho
        Speaker: Keitaro Kondo (QST) and IFMIF/EVEDA Integrated Project Team
      • 7
        Electron Ion Collider - integrating ES&H requirements across multiple laboratories and partners
        Speaker: Bill Rainey (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
    • 4:00 PM
    • [I-1] Invited talk (1)
      Convener: Kanenobu Tanaka (RIKEN)
      • 8
        Safety management of the Deep-sea Scientific Drilling Vessel "CHIKYU" and the Manned Research Submersible "SHINKAI 6500"
        Speaker: Nobuhisa Eguchi (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology: JAMSTEC)
    • 5:10 PM
      Group photo
    • Introduction of RIKEN RIBF
      Convener: Hiroyoshi Sakurai (RIKEN)
    • [O-3] Safety Culture
      Convener: Helen Boyer (European Spallation Source ERIC)
      • 9
        Leader Standard Work – Practical actions and behaviours to support a safety culture
        Speaker: Tim West (Canadian Light Source)
      • 10
        Leveraging Safety Culture
        Speaker: Julie Biringer (CERN)
      • 11
        Safety and Health Week Festival in KEK
        Speaker: Toshihiro Mimashi (KEK)
    • 10:20 AM
    • [I-2] Invited talk (2)
      Convener: Kotaro Bessho (J-PARC)
      • 12
        Well-being assessment and Behavioral Analysis applied to risk reduction measure at work
        Speaker: Rieko Hojo (Nagaoka University of Technology)
    • 11:40 AM
      Lunch Break
    • [PS-1] Poster Session 1
      • 13
        [P-01] Minor accidents occurred at the Isotope Science Center, the University of Tokyo from FY2020 to FY2023
        Speaker: Shogo Higaki (The University of Tokyo)
      • 14
        [P-02] Accidents at NanoTerasu before user operation
        Speaker: Hiroki Matsuda, Masayuki Hagiwara, Akihiro Takeuchi, Hisao Ueda, Shuhei Kanazawa, Ken KATSUBE, Hiroyuki Konishi (QST), Toshiro Itoga (JASRI)
      • 15
        [P-03] Some practices of "KY Training": Training for Risk Anticipation in a Pre-Work Briefing at J-PARC
        Speaker: Masumi Suzuki, Yoshimi Kasugai, Norio Tani, Fumihiro Saito, Masakatsu Sugawara, Takeshi Tanaka (J-PARC Center)
      • 16
        [P-04] Educational program initiatives in university liberal arts courses aimed at disseminating accurate radiation knowledge to the general public
        Speaker: Masahiro Hirota (Shinshu university), Makoto Kita (Tottori university), Takuya Saze (National Institute for Fusion Science)
      • 17
        [P-05] Introduction of New Safety Scheme for Hazard Information Sharing at KEK
        Speaker: Masami Tashima, Masafumi Taira, Keizo Furukawa, Ichiro Adachi (KEK)
      • 18
        [P-06] Good Practices for Safety and Health at KEK Tokai Campus
        Speaker: Keiko Haraguchi, Noriko Sekido, Satoshi Uchida, Kotaro Bessho (KEK Tokai Campus)
      • 19
        [P-07] A Fall Prevention Device for Transmission Tower
        Speaker: Jeong-Mu Hur, Yeong-Seon Kim, Young-Ho Choi, Nam-Suk Jung (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory / POSTECH)
      • 20
        [P-08] User equipment safety examinations at the MLF J-PARC
        Speaker: Yoshifumi Sakaguchi (CROSS)
      • 21
        [P-09] CERN ELECNSOR Project
        Speaker: Jose GASCON (CERN)
      • 22
        [P-10] Safety Aspects of the Technical Galleries Consolidation Program
        Speaker: Iga Maria Krautsztrung and Mathieu Lemetayer (CERN)
      • 23
        [P-11] Health and safety management overview in the validation of Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) at Rokkasho
        Speaker: Keitaro Kondo (QST) and IFMIF/EVEDA Integrated Project Team
      • 24
        [P-12] Chemical safety management for electropolishing work of Nb cavities at KEK
        Speaker: Takeyoshi Goto (KEK)
      • 25
        [P-13] Discovery and measures of asbestos in a cable pit of an accelerator building
        Speaker: Kanenobu Tanaka (RIKEN)
      • 26
        [P-14] Introduction of Environmental Safety Office at KEK
        Speaker: Hideaki Takechi, Mitsuru Sato, Masaki Ishida, Aya Komiya, Masafumi Taira (KEK)
      • 27
        [P-15] Chemical analysis for supporting accelerator operation in KEK
        Speaker: Masaki Ishida, Mitsuru Sato, Aya Komiya, Masafumi Taira, Hideaki Takechi (KEK)
      • 28
        [P-16] Combustibility of epoxy resin for warm magnet coils used at CERN
        Speaker: Brecht Debrouwere (CERN)
      • 29
        [P-17] Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) test: a collaborative evaluation by CERN Fire and Rescue Service and HSE-OHS
        Speaker: Brecht Debrouwere (CERN)
      • 30
        [P-18] Emergency Drill Efforts in the National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology in Chiba District
        Speaker: Koichi Nishikawa (National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology)
      • 31
        [P-19] Effective Early Fire Extinguishing Using Compact Fire Extinguisher
        Speaker: Kyung-Min Kim, Yeong-Seon Kim, Young-Ho Choi, Nam-Suk Jung (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory / POSTECH)
      • 32
        [P-20] Fire safety improvement in GANIL facilities
        Speaker: M. Nerdeux, F-X. Carel, J. Livin (GANIL)
      • 33
        [P-21] False Floors Inventory for the Prioritization of Consolidation Interventions
        Speaker: Z. Nader, R. Morton, M. Andreini, S. La Mendola (CERN)
      • 34
        [P-22] Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessment of the environmental dispersion of particles from CERN facilities
        Speaker: Joan Rico-Orero1,2, Oriol Rios2, Saverio La Mendola2, Alessio Ricci3, Bert Blocken1,4 (1. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2. CERN, 3. University School for Advanced Studies IUSS, 4. Heriot-Watt University)
      • 35
        [P-23] Hands-on maintenance for the target diagnostic system on top shielding of spallation neutron source at J-PARC
        Speaker: Takashi NAOE, Koichi SARUTA, Makoto TESHIGAWARA, Hidetaka KINOSHITA, Takashi WAKUI, and Neutron Source Section (J-PARC Center)
      • 36
        [P-24] Safe handling equipment and procedures for activated material
        Speaker: Hiroki Mukai (RIKEN)
    • [O-4-1] Environmental Protection and Sustainability
      Convener: Sonja Kleiner (CERN)
      • 37
        Targets of the Japanese Government and the current status of RIKEN in Earth Warming Prevention Activities
        Speaker: Yoko Mori (RIKEN)
      • 38
        Biodiversity at CERN - challenges for conservation and development
        Speaker: Sabrina Schadegg (CERN)
    • [O-4-2] Radiation Safety and Laser Safety
      Convener: Graeme Finlan (STFC)
      • 39
        Production of Astatine-211 in GANIL : risk assessment and feedback
        Speaker: Yoann Trehudic (GANIL)
      • 40
        Non-Ionising Radiation REGister (NIRREG): Backbone of laser safety at CERN
        Speaker: Jordan Minier (CERN)
    • 2:50 PM
    • [I-3] Invited talk (3)
      Convener: Kanenobu Tanaka (RIKEN)
      • 41
        Improving Mental health in the workplace: a global trend and the case of Japan
        Speaker: Norito Kawakami (Project Professor, Department of Digital Mental Health, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo/ President, The Junpukai Foundation)
    • 4:00 PM
    • [O-5-1] Facility Safety Management, Challenge for Future Project
      Convener: Graeme Finlan (STFC)
      • 42
        Incidents with lifting equipment and activities at CERN
        Speaker: Chris Burnett (CERN)
      • 43
        Rolling Access: Access on demand for DESY beamlines and its impact on safety procedures
        Speaker: Sabine Lessmann-Bassen (DESY)
      • 44
        Safety Management on SPring-8/SACLA
        Speaker: Chihiro Furutani (Harima Safety Center, RIKEN)
      • 45
        Update on PETRA IV project
        Speaker: Sven Mohr (DESY)
      • 46
        Emergency response in 2048
        Speaker: Marc Nas (CERN)
    • [O-5-2] Safety Culture, Facility Management
      Convener: Saverio La Mendola (CERN)
      • 47
        The use of SHERPA Method in identifying human errors
        Speaker: Rema Malar Armugam (MAX IV)
      • 48
        ISOLDE - From an incident analysis to an increase of safety culture
        Speaker: Letizia Di Giulio (CERN)
      • 49
        Safety Aspects of the Technical Galleries Consolidation Program
        Speaker: Iga Maria Krautsztrung (CERN)
      • 50
        ESS Gas Detection System
        Speaker: Donya Daryadel (European Spallation Source ERIC)
      • 51
        Lessons learned from two small fires and fire prevention measures at J-PARC
        Speaker: Kotaro Bessho (J-PARC)
    • 8:30 AM
      Transportation from RIKEN to J-PARC by Coaches
    • [O-6] Session at J-PARC J-PARC Center

      J-PARC Center

      Convener: Yoshihiro Nakane (J-PARC)
      • 52
        Introduction of J-PARC
        Speaker: Takeshi Komatsubara (J-PARC)
      • 11:50 AM
        Lunch Time with Japanese Lunch Box (Bentou)
      • 53
        Recovery of the J-PARC accelerator from the earthquake in 2011
        Speaker: Hidetomo Oguri (J-PARC)
      • 54
        Status of fire safety in the European Economic Area
        Speaker: Brecht Debrouwere (CERN)
      • 55
        Safety management of remote handling and in-cell work for maintenance of spallation neutron production target components in J-PARC
        Speaker: Takashi NAOE, Hidetaka KINOSHITA, Takashi WAKUI, Koichi SARUTA, and Neutron Source Section (J-PARC)
    • 2:10 PM
      Break J-PARC Center

      J-PARC Center

    • J-PARC Facility tour J-PARC Center

      J-PARC Center

    • 4:20 PM
      Break J-PARC Center

      J-PARC Center

    • 4:30 PM
      Transportation from J-PARC to RIKEN / Wako-shi Station by Coaches
    • [O-7-1] Fire Safety
      Convener: Fredrik Jörud (European Spallation Source ERIC)
      • 56
        1D modelling approach for life safety assessments in long tunnels based on the ‘endangered length’ indicator
        Speaker: Lorenzo Contini, Oriol Rios, Saverio La Mendola (CERN)
      • 57
        Use of AI for FIRIA, Fire-Induced Radiological Integrated assessments
        Speaker: Brecht Debrouwere (CERN)
      • 58
        Evacuation drill as a stress test for an older building
        Speaker: Fabian Saretzki (DESY)
    • [O-7-2] Chemical Safety
      Convener: Sven Mohr (DESY)
      • 59
        Nanoparticles generated in experiments using high-power lasers
        Speaker: Petra Dvořáková Ruskayová, Martin Přeček, Florian Condamine, Veronika Olšovcová (ELI ERIC)
      • 60
        Handling Incidents in the Users' Chemistry Laboratory
        Speaker: Anca-Simona Ciobanu (DESY)
      • 61
        Management of Hazardous Substances at ESO Headquarters: an Implementation from Scratch
        Speaker: Sara Álvarez Díaz (ESO, European Southern Observatory)
    • 10:00 AM
    • RIKEN RIBF Tour
    • 11:40 AM
      Lunch Break
    • [PS-2] Poster Session 2: Poster Session 2 (60 min.)
    • [O-8-1] Facility Management
      Convener: Rema Malar Armugam (MAX IV)
      • 62
        Access management and safety at ESS Bunker
        Speaker: Morteza Mansouri (European Spallation Source ERIC)
      • 63
        An exceptional conformity assessment process for HL-LHC pressure equipment
        Speaker: Simon Marsh (CERN)
    • [O-8-2] Safety Training and Risk Assesment
      Convener: Kotaro Bessho (J-PARC)
      • 64
        E-learning materials for safety in J-PARC
        Speaker: Yoshimi Kasugai (J-PARC)
      • 65
        Risk assessment process – From machine safety to occupational health and safety
        Speaker: Michael Prollius, Prasad Thute (EuXFEL GmbH)
    • Koedo Tour : Excursion & Dinner Koedo, Kawagoe

      Koedo, Kawagoe

    • [O-9-1] Fire Safety, Measures against Earthquakes
      Convener: Rema Malar Armugam (MAX IV)
      • 66
        Renovation of the North Area fire safety systems
        Speaker: Anna Suwalska, Yacine Kadi, Pierre Ninin, Timo Hakulinen (CERN)
      • 67
        Fire Suppression in Klystron Gallery
        Speaker: Fredrik Jörud (European Spallation Source ERIC)
      • 68
        Recent Advanced Seismic Studies at CERN
        Speaker: M. Andreini and S. La Mendola (CERN)
      • 69
        Earthquake-registrant clamping project in RIKEN
        Speaker: Izan Amano (RIKEN)
    • [O-9-2] Environmental Protection and Sustainability
      Convener: Yoshimi Kasugai (J-PARC)
      • 70
        CERN's strategy for an environmentally responsible research
        Speaker: Sonja Kleiner, Benoît Delille, Sonja Kleiner, Luisa Ulrici (CERN)
      • 71
        From detection to intervention - how environmental incidents are managed at CERN
        Speaker: Sabrina Schadegg (CERN)
      • 72
        Helium recycle project in RIKEN Presentation
        Speaker: Hiroki Okuno, Tomoyuki Dantsuka (RIKEN)
      • 73
        CERN’s historic Main Building – removing building pollutants from the past
        Speaker: Mathieu Lemetayer (CERN)
    • 10:20 AM
    • [O-10-1] Electrical Safety
      Convener: Sven Mohr (DESY)
      • 74
        Cable Aging Research Project (CARE) Overview
        Speaker: Jose Gascon (CERN)
      • 75
        CERN Electrical Safety Project (ESP) Overview
        Speaker: Jose Gascon (CERN)
      • 76
        Electric shock incident on an Instrument Crane
        Speaker: Helen Boyer (European Spallation Source ERIC)
      • 77
        Challenges and opportunities for CERNs new framework for electrical safety
        Speaker: Angela Goehring-Crinon (CERN)
    • [O-10-2] Challenges and Tools for Safety
      Convener: Saverio La Mendola (CERN)
      • 78
        An updated approach to oxygen deficiency hazard analysis at CERN
        Speaker: Simon Marsh (CERN)
      • 79
        NuisoCERN project
        Speaker: Jordan Minier (CERN)
      • 80
        Incident Reporting at ESS: Development of a New Reporting Tool
        Speaker: Nathalie de Ruette (European Spallation Source ERIC)
      • 81
        Electrical Safety inspection software toolbox at CERN
        Speaker: Andriy Boychenko (CERN)
    • 12:00 PM
    • Closing
      Convener: Kanenobu Tanaka (RIKEN), Kotaro Bessho (J-PARC), Yves Loertscher (CERN)