RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

Isospin symmetry breaking in nuclear ground state

by Dr Tomoya Naito (RIKEN iTHEMS)


=Date and Place=

Jun 22nd (Tue) 2022  , 14:00~ via ZOOM meeting system


Dr. Tomoya Naito


Isospin symmetry breaking in nuclear ground state


It is known that the nuclear interaction has almost the isospin symmetry, while its breaking has been studied theoretically and experimentally, including at RIBF.

Since the Coulomb interaction mainly contributes to the isospin symmetry breaking of atomic nuclei, both the Coulomb interaction and the isospin symmetry breaking terms of the nuclear interaction should be considered simultaneously and precisely.

In this seminar, I will show our recent fundamental studies on these two contributions to ground-state properties of atomic nuclei, especially, the mass difference of mirror nuclei, the neutron-skin thickness, and the charge radius difference of mirror nuclei. Effects on estimating the density dependence of the symmetry energy (L) are also discussed.

At last, a new method to pin down theoretically the strength of the effective charge symmetry breaking term and an open problem raised from this method are also discussed.


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