CNS Seminar: "Phenomenological and ab-initio optical potentials for nucleon-12C scattering", Angela Bonaccorso

by Prof. Angela Bonaccorso (INFN-Pisa)

Nishina Hall

Nishina Hall


Absolute values of neutron knockout cross sections from exotic projectile depend strongly on the optical potentials used to describe the core-target interaction and the neutron-target final state interaction. The strong dependence on other ingredients of the calculations, such as initial state wave function and method used to calculate the cross section have been also discussed at length in the past. Recently C. Hebborn , T. R. Whitehead , A. E. Lovell  and F. M. Nunes PRC108.014601.2023 quantified the dependence on the optical potentials by a Bayesian analysis. On the other hand in a recent publication we studied the imaginary part of the nucleon-12C  and nucleus-12C optical potential (I. Moumene and A.B, PRC108, 044609 (2023)) with the aim of finding the potentials that would best describe  the reaction cross sections and eventually the stripping part of knockout. Now we concentrate on the real part of the n-12C potential and  its effects on the elastic scattering angular distribution and total elastic cross sections. An important point to discuss is the method used to normalize the experimental distributions. This is necessary to then describe the diffractive part of knockout.