RIBF Discussion Plus!

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With the advent of technologies to produce intense radioactive isotope beams (RIB), many new types of nuclear phenomena have been observed at various RIB facilities in the world. Theories of nuclear physics also have been developed along with these new findings. Though several
models quantitatively reproduce the experimental results, an overall comprehension has not been achieved yet in some cases. Because the research subjects should expand significantly with new generation RIB facilities, experimentalists and theorists must get together more closely than ever to adopt the most effective strategy to pin down the essential points of the issues. RIBF-UEC and RNC would like to organize such occasions.

We already have a regular meeting called “RIBF Discussion” to discuss one hot topic related to RIBF every two months. However, we usually tend to leave the questions pending. The RIBF-UEC and RNC plan to organize more intensive and successive meetings to discuss one of such hot
topics as “RIBF Discussion Plus!”. When a specific issue appears through discussions, it is foreseen that solutions or clues are found out for the next meeting. The final goal of each “RIBF Discussion Plus!” is to reach a satisfying comprehension of the phenomenon, or to
propose experiments to that end within one year.

Organizing committee
N. Aoi(RCNP), P. Doornenbal(RNC), Y. Ichikawa(RNC) N. Imai(KEK),  T. Nakatsukasa(Tsukuba), D. Nishimura(TSU), A. Obertelli(Sacley/RNC), K. Ogata(RCNP), T. Uesaka(RNC), K. Yoshida(Niigata)