26-27 June 2013
Nishina bldg., RIKEN
Asia/Tokyo timezone

How to enter RIKEN campus

< Every Morning >

1) Please drop by at the guard station of the "West Gate" upon your arrival RIKEN.

2) Tell your name and the purpose of your visit ( RIBF Users Meeting )
to the guardian at the West Gate.

3) Receive an "one day temporary entry permit" and proceed to
the Nishina building.

< Every End of the Day >

4) Please return the one day temporary entry permit to the guardian of the West Gate
or the Main Gate at the end of the day.

< Location of buildings >
Please see a map here
West Gate : H-8
Main Gate : G-4
Nishina Hall, 2nd floor of the Nishina Building : E-4(#13)