Sep 15 – 16, 2014
The University of Tokyo
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Following previous workshops at RIKEN and the TU Darmstadt, we would like to announce the 3rd SUNFLOWER workshops to be hosted at the University of Tokyo, Japan on September 15-16, 2014. The meeting's main purpose is to discusss the status and future physics opportunities of in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy experiments at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory (RIBF) of the RIKEN Nishina Center. In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy experiments are performed on a regular basis at the RIBF since 2010 with campaigns employing 48Ca, 70Zn, 124Xe, and 238U primary beams. This year, the physics program Shell Evolution And Search for Two-plus energies At the RIBF (SEASTAR) was initiated. SEASTAR takes advantage of the liquid hydrogen target MINOS (MagIc Numbers Off Stability) coupled to the gamma-ray spectrometer DALI2 and successfully performed its first campaign this spring. In addition, also physics opportunities with next generation high resolution gamma-ray spectrometers may be discussed. The objectives for the SUNFLOWER workshop thus include: i) Status of the SUNFLOWER collaboration, ii) Status report on individual performed in-beam gamma-ray experiments, iii) Status of the SEASTAR collaboration including aims for the next campaign, iv) Upcoming experiments, v) Physics proposals and ideas for near future experiments, and vi) High resolution in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy at the RIBF. Proponents intending to submit a SUNFLOWER proposal to the next RIBF Nuclear Physics Program Advisory Committee, held towards the end of this year, are encouraged to attend the workshop and present their proposal.
The University of Tokyo
Koshiba Hall
Two other workshops related to RIBF physics will be held
in Japan in the week preceding the SUNFLOWER workshop:         8-9 September, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan         11 September, RIKEN Wako campus, Saitama, Japan

JUSEIPEN can provide support for US participants of the workshop.