SAMURAI International Collaboration Workshop 2015

from Monday, 7 September 2015 (08:00) to Tuesday, 8 September 2015 (18:30)
RIKEN Nishina Center (RIBF hall)

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7 Sep 2015
8 Sep 2015
Opening address (until 10:20) (RIBF hall)
10:00 Opening remark - Prof. Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (RIBF hall)
10:05 Welcome address - Dr Tomohiro Uesaka (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (RIBF hall)
Progress report - 1 -Dr Tomohiro Uesaka (RIKEN Nishina Center) (until 12:10) (RIBF hall)
10:20 Report on Day one experiments - Dr Yosuke KONDO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (RIBF hall)
10:45 Report on Day two experiments - Dr Hideaki Otsu (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (RIBF hall)
11:10 Progress report on missing mass spectroscopy with SAMURAI - Masaki Sasano (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (RIBF hall)
11:30 Status of the SAMURAI12 experiment preparation - Dr Didier Beaumel (IPN Orsay / RIKEN Nishina center)   (RIBF hall)
11:45 Progress report on polarized target project at SAMURAI:Preparation status for experiment with polarized proton target (SAMURAI13) - Dr Satoshi Sakaguchi (Dept. of Physics, Kyushu University)   (RIBF hall)
New proposal - 2 - Nigel Orr (LPC-Caen) (until 10:50) (RIBF hall)
10:00 Electric Dipole Response and multi-­neutron decay of n­‐rich weakly bound nuclei - Prof. Thomas Aumann (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt)   (RIBF hall)
10:25 Study of cluster degree of freedom in neutron-rich sd-shell nuclei via inelastic alpha scattering (tentative title) - Mr Shunpei KOYAMA (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)   (RIBF hall)
10:50 --- Coffee break ---
New proposal - 3 -Dr Walter Henning (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and Riken Nishina Center (RNC)) (until 12:00) (RIBF hall)
11:10 Probing the origin of the Isospin Dependence of Nucleon Correlations and Asymmetry of Parallel Momentum Distribution using (p, pN) reaction at intermediate energy - Dr Jenny Lee (Hong Kong University)   (RIBF hall)
11:35 Fission fragment measurement of U isotope via (p,2p) reaction - Mr Masami Sako (Riken Nishina Center)   (RIBF hall)
12:10 --- Lunch ---
Progress report - 2 -Dr Hideaki Otsu (RIKEN Nishina Center) (until 15:15) (RIBF hall)
14:00 Progress report on SAMURAI TPC - Dr Tetsuya MURAKAMI (Department of Physics, Kyoto University)   (RIBF hall)
14:25 Progress report on CATANA - Dr Yasuhiro Togano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (RIBF hall)
14:50 Progress report on heavy-ion (HI) proton project - Dr Valerii Panin (RIKEN, Spin-isospin laboratory)   (RIBF hall)
15:15 --- Coffee break ---
Progress report - 3 -Dr Ken-ichiro YONEDA (RIKEN Nishina Center) (until 16:35) (RIBF hall)
15:30 Progress report on NeuLAND - Prof. Thomas Aumann (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt) Dr Haik Simon   (RIBF hall)
15:55 Progress report on NEBULA+ - Nigel Orr (LPC-Caen)   (RIBF hall)
16:10 Progress report on MINOS SEASTAR campaign at SAMURAI - Dr Pieter Doornenbal (RIKEN)   (RIBF hall)
16:35 --- Coffee break ---
New proposals - 1 -Prof. Thomas Aumann (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt) (until 18:00) (RIBF hall)
16:45 Structure in the Region of N=16: Follow up Studies to NP1106-SAMURAI04 - Nigel Orr (LPC-Caen)   (RIBF hall)
17:10 A Proposal for Invariant Mass Measurement of 39Mg at SAMURAI - Dr Heather Crawford (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (RIBF hall)
17:35 Study on the cluster structure related to neutron-rich Carbon isotope beams - Dr Zaihong Yang (RIKEN)   (RIBF hall)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Discussion -Prof. Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology) (until 15:00) (RIBF hall)
15:30 --- Excursion? ---