Sep 10 – 11, 2015
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Poster contributions

Presenter & Title
  1. Mikael Reponen,
    A narrowband injection-locked Titanium:Sapphire laser system for precision laser resonance ionization spectroscopy at the SLOWRI/PALIS -facility
  2. Masafumi Matsushita, 
    OEDO project, a new energy degrading scheme for RIBF
  3. Motoki Kobayashi, 
    Direct mass measurements of neutron-rich Ca isotopes beyond N = 34
  4. Keiichi Kisamori,
    Tetraneutron state populated by 4He(8He, 8Be) reaction
  5. Kyo Tsukada,
    Commissioning of SCRIT electron scattering facility
  6. Yasutaka Taniguchi,
    Coupling of α- and t-cluster structure in excited deformed states of 35Cl
  7. Masanori Dozono,
    The parity-transfer (16O,16F) reaction for studies of the spin-dipole 0- mode
  8. Yoshihiro Aritomo,
    Possibility of synthesizing doubly magic superheavy nuclei, located in the center of Island of Stability
  9. Ayumi Yagi,
    Study of neutron-rich Xe and Cs isotopes
  10. Takahiro Nishi,
    The spectroscopy of deeply bound pionic states in Sn at RIBF
  11. Kimiko Sekiguchi,
    Energy dependent study of dp elastic scattering for dp elastic scattering and three-nucleon forces
  12. Sota Kimura,
    Development of β-ray telescopes of the KEK isotope separation system
  13. Momo Mukai,
    Search for efficient laser resonance ionization schemes of tantalum using a newly developed time-of-flight mass-spectrometer in KISS
  14. Fumi Suzaki,
    Performance of a Resonant Schottky Pick-up in the Commissioning of Rare-RI Ring
  15. Hiroshi Miura,
    Performance of a Fast Kicker magnet for Rare-RI Ring
  16. Mizuki Nishimura,
    The SAMURAI SPiRIT-TPC project for study of nuclear symmetry energy by using RI collision at RIBF