RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

Few-body universality and halo nuclei by Prof. Hans Werner Hammer (Theory Center, Institute of Nuclear Physics, TU Darmstadt)

RIBF Conference hall

RIBF Conference hall

=Time and Place=
13:30- 27th Nov., 2017 at RIBF Conference Hall

Prof. Hans Werner Hammer
Theory Center, Institute of Nuclear Physics, TU Darmstadt

Few-body universality and halo nuclei

Few-body universality and halo nuclei
Few-body systems with resonant S-wave interactions show universal properties that are independent of the interaction at short distances. These properties include a geometric spectrum of three- and higher-body bound states and universal correlations between few-body observables. They can be observed on a wide range of scales from hadrons and nuclei to ultracold atoms. In this talk, I will focus on few-body universality in halo nuclei which can be considered as effective few-body systems consisting of halo nucleons and a core. This concept provides a unifying framework for halo nuclei with calculable corrections. I will discuss recent progress in this field with an emphasis on the possibility of finding Efimov states in halo nuclei.