19-20 November 2010
Nishina Memorial Building, RIKEN Wako-campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Probing Neutron-Proton Pair Correlations – pairing models, cross section measurements and reaction mechanisms Neutron-proton pairing correlations have been investigated with tremendous efforts. However, the nature and the interplay between T=0 and T=1 pairs are still the subject of debate because of the inconclusive experimental evidences. This situation may be about to change with the recent advent of radioactive N=Z beams. The purpose of the workshop is to organize a collaborative effort between experimentalists, structure and reaction theorists to advance the systematic study of neutron-proton correlations in the nuclei that are becoming accessible through rare isotope accelerators worldwide such as RIBF. Current status in experimental and theoretical studies will be presented with considerable time allocated to discussion about the prospects and road map on this subject. Plans of experimental and theoretical actions are expected from the workshop.
Nishina Memorial Building, RIKEN Wako-campus
Nishina Hall
2-1 Hirosaw Wako, Japan
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