Measurement of flavor asymmetry of light antiquarks in proton via Drell-Yan process at Fermilab SeaQuest

by Dr Ken'ichi Nakano (TIT)

Room 201 (RIBF Hall)

Room 201 (RIBF Hall)


(CNS + Radiation Lab. Seminar)

The partonic structure of the proton is one of the most vital topics
in the present hadron physics.  Particularly the distribution of
antiquarks is of great interest because it has unique sensitivity to
the dynamics of the strong force (i.e. QCD) which constructs the
proton.  SeaQuest at Fermilab is a fixed-target experiment to measure
the Drell-Yan process in p+p and p+d, using the 120-GeV proton beam
and targets of liquid hydrogen and liquid deuterium.  It aims at
precisely measuring the flavor asymmetry of light-antiquark
distributions (anti-down(x)/anti-up(x)) at large x in the proton.
During the course of operations, completed in July 2017, it recorded
data from 1.4*10^18 protons on various targets.  In this seminar, the
physics motivation and the latest status of the measurement will be 
Organized by

Ken Yako, Satoshi Yokkaichi

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