QHP Seminar: Search for new physics in isotope shifts of atomic spectra

by Dr Minoru Tanaka (Osaka U.)

Main Building 433 ()

Main Building 433


There are several serious problems that cannot be solved within
the standard model of particle physics, such as the dark matter and
the baryon asymmetry of the universe.
Thus, the quest for "new physics beyond the standard model" is one of
the most important subjects in particle physics.
Meanwhile, in the area of atomic physics, spectroscopy of 17 or more
digits accuracy has been realized in the development of optical clocks.
In this talk, I explain a possibility to explore new physics
with this precision spectroscopy, focusing on the isotope shifts (IS)
in atomic spectra. The principle of the search method using the King
linearity and its breakdown is introduced. Then, I examine the IS by
a new interaction in atom and show the present constraint and
the expected sensitivity in future experiments.

Organized by

Tomoya Naito (QHP, tomoya.naito [at]