QHP Seminar: Nuclear electric dipole moment and the axions

by Dr Nodoka Yamanaka (YITP, Kyoto U.)

Main Building 433 ()

Main Building 433


The electric dipole moment (EDM) of light nuclei is a very sensitive
probe of CP violation beyond the standard model which may be measured
in future experiment using storage rings.
Nuclei are particularly interesting since the nuclear level CP
violation is not suppressed by the atomic screening effect pointed by
However, their sensitivity on hadronic CP violation strongly depends
on the nuclear structure due to the many-body effect, and each of them
has to be analyzed individually.
In this talk, we present the results of our theoretical evaluations of
the EDM of light nuclei using few-body methods.
We also present the prospect for the detection of axion dark matter,
which is a very important byproduct of this analysis.

Organized by

Tomoya Naito (QHP, tomoya.naito[at]