30 August 2021 to 2 September 2021
Video Conference
Asia/Tokyo timezone

SAMURAI ICW2021 will be held on 30 Aug--1 Sep.  As in the previous WS last year, we have limited time each day. Talks are given primarily for new/revised proposals/new device/loI
+ some key information from RIKEN/Spokesperson.
The deadline for the pre-proposal submission is 31/Jul.(Mon.)

Please note that if you plan to submit a proposal this year, you'd better submit a pre-proposal and participate in this WS on-line, so that you would obtain some advice for your proposal to be more feasible.

Video Conference
https://zoom.us/j/95265192679?pwd=dDQrcXJ6elRXam9CN296M2o4SDRNQT09 ミーティングID: 952 6519 2679 パスコード: samurai7Tm
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