Symposium on Nuclear Data 2020

from Thursday, 26 November 2020 (09:00) to Friday, 27 November 2020 (18:00)
RIKEN Wako Campus (RIBF201)

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26 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020
10:30 Opening/Welcome - Toshiya Sanami (KEK)   (RIBF201)
Facility - Hiroari Miyatake (IPNS, KEK) (until 12:20) (RIBF201)
10:40 Nuclear Data Activities in Nishina Center - Hiroyoshi Sakurai (RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science)   (RIBF201)
11:20 Nuclear data study for Accelerator Driven System at J-PARC - Shin-ichiro Meigo (J-PARC/JAEA)   (RIBF201)
11:50 Proposal of 1 A class deuteron single cell linac - Hiroki Okuno (RIKEN Nishina center for accelerator-based science)   (RIBF201)
NuclearPhysics2 - Kazushi Terada (Kyoto University) (until 10:30) (RIBF201)
09:00 Isotope production in spallation reaction of 93Zr and 93Nb induced by proton and deuteron - Keita Nakano (JAEA)   (RIBF201)
09:30 Development of energy-degraded RI beam and expansion of nuclear reaction studies - Shin'ichiro MICHIMASA (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo)   (RIBF201)
10:00 Theoretical analysis of deuteron-induced reactions and development of deuteron nuclear database - Shinsuke Nakayama (JAEA)   (RIBF201)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
Tutorial - Go Chiba (Hokkaido University) (until 12:20) (RIBF201)
10:50 Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Theory - Tomohiro Endo (Nagoya University)   (RIBF201)
11:40 Roles and current status of reactor physics experiment in research reactors - Cheol Ho Pyeon (Kyoto University)   (RIBF201)
12:20 --- Lunch ---
NuclearPhysics1 - Yoshihiro Aritomo (Kindai University) (until 15:00) (RIBF201)
13:30 Unified description of the fission probability for highly excited nuclei - Hiroki Iwamoto (JAEA) Shin-ichiro Meigo (J-PARC/JAEA)   (RIBF201)
14:00 Nuclear spectroscopy at KISS - Yoshikazu HIRAYAMA (IPNS, KEK)   (RIBF201)
14:30 Fission experiment with Es at JAEA tandem accelerator facility - Kentaro Hirose (JAEA)   (RIBF201)
15:00 --- Coffee ---
15:00 Conference Photo   (RIBF201)
NuclearMedicine - Futoshi Minato (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) (until 16:50) (RIBF201)
15:20 Production and Applications of Radioisotopes at RIKEN RI Beam Factory - Search for New Elements through Diagnosis and Therapy of Cancer - - Hiromitsu Haba (Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, RIKEN)   (RIBF201)
15:50 Measurements of production cross sections of medical radioisotopes via charged-particle induced reactions - Masayuki Aikawa (Hokkaido University)   (RIBF201)
16:20 Development of Radioisotopes Production Method by Accelerator-based Neutron: Activity at Kyushu University 2020 - Tadahiro Kin (Kyushu University)   (RIBF201)
Poster (until 20:28) (RIBF201)
16:50 Study of the fission path energy of U-236 using microscopic mean-field model - Kazuki Fujio (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (RIBF201)
16:50 The origin of correlation between mass and angle in quasi-fission - Shota Amano (Kindai University)   (RIBF201)
16:51 Theoritical analysis of the fission process by ${}^\text{258}$Md - Shoma Ishizaki (Kindai University)   (RIBF201)
16:55 Comparison of photon spectra emitted from fuel debris using different decay data libraries - Taichi Matsumura (Japan Atomic Energy Agency )   (RIBF201)
16:55 Neutron emission during fission process by dynamical model/ - Ryota Yamasaki (Kindai University)   (RIBF201)
16:55 SCALE6.2 ORIGEN library produced from JENDL/AD-2017 - Dr Chikara Konno (Japan Atomic Energy Agency )   (RIBF201)
16:55 The fission fragments of neutron-rich nuclei by the Langevin method toward application to r-process calculations - Mr Mizuki Okubayash (Kindai University)   (RIBF201)
16:55 Theoretical evaluation of non-resonant background strength in binary breakup reaction - Mr Riu Nakamoto (Department of Pure and Applied physics, Kansai University)   (RIBF201)
16:56 Evaluation of Neutron Nuclear Data on Cobalt-59 for JENDL-5 - Dr Iwamoto Nobuyuki (JAEA)   (RIBF201)
16:58 Experimental plan for displacement damage cross sections using 120-GeV protons at FNAL - Dr Yosuke Iwamoto (Nuclear Science and Engineering Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) )   (RIBF201)
17:00 Development of a neutron detector for nuclear data measurement using high-intensity neutron beam - Hideto Nakano (Tokyo Institute of Technology )   (RIBF201)
17:00 Experimental program of nuclear data for accelerator-driven nuclear transmutation system using FFAG accelerator – First subprogram: spallation neutron measurement - Dr Keita Nakano (JAEA )   (RIBF201)
17:00 Neutron Filtering System for Fast Neutron Cross-Section Measurement at ANNRI - Gerard Rovira Leveroni (JAEA)   (RIBF201)
17:02 A New Method to Reduce Systematic Uncertainties of Capture Cross Section Measurement Using a Sample Rotation System - Mr Yu Kodama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (RIBF201)
17:04 Development of Absolute Epi-thermal and Fast Neutron Flux Intensity Detectors for BNCT - Mr Kazushi Aoki (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Univ.)   (RIBF201)
17:05 Comparison of double-differential cross sections between JENDL/PD-2016.1 and experimental data for photo-neutron production of medium-heavy nuclei at 16.6 MeV - Ms Kim Tuyet Tran (SOKENDAI/KEK)   (RIBF201)
17:05 Development of Evaluation Method of Uncertainty of Radioactivity by Propagating Nuclear Data Covariance for Clearance Verification in Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants - Tatsuki AMITANI (Tokyo Institute of Technology )   (RIBF201)
17:05 Nondestructive Determination of Water Content in Concrete Using Am-Be Neutron Source - Experimental Verification - - Mr Yoshihiro Miyaji (Graduate School of Engineering Osaka University Osaka )   (RIBF201)
17:05 Optimization of Activation Detector for Benchmark Experiment of Large-angle Elastic Scattering Reaction Cross Section by 14MeV Neutrons - Takehara Ryohei (Graduate school of Engineering, Osaka University)   (RIBF201)
17:10 Nuclide production cross sections of natLu target irradiated with 0.4-, 1.3-, 2.2-, 3.0-GeV protons - Mr Hayato Takeshita (Kyushu University)   (RIBF201)
17:10 Study on characteristics of neutron and γ-ray fields at compact neutron source RANS-II facility by simulation by the PHITS code - Mr Kenta SUGIHARA (RIKEN Nishina Center, Department of Applied Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Kyushu University)   (RIBF201)
17:11 Estimation of Flux and Residual Radioactivity for the COMET Phase-I Experiment - Naoki Tokunaga (Kyushu University )   (RIBF201)
17:12 Measurement of neutron total cross sections of Sn-Pb alloys in solid and liquid states - Mr Takuya Uemura (Kyoto University)   (RIBF201)
17:13 Research for nuclear transmutation of high-radiotoxic nuclide $^{90}$Sr via proton- and deuteron-induced reactions - Mr Riku Matsumura (Saitama University )   (RIBF201)
17:14 Production cross sections of 175Hf in the natLu(p,xn) and natLu(d,xn) reactions - Dr Yukiko Komori (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (RIBF201)
17:15 Detection of Gamma Ray from Sort-Lived Fission Products at KUCA and KURNS-LINAC - yasushi nauchi (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry )   (RIBF201)
12:20 --- Lunch ---
DeepLearning - Hiroyuki Koura (until 15:30) (RIBF201)
13:30 Deep Learning for Basic Science - Masato Taki (Rikkyo University)   (RIBF201)
14:00 Data-driven approaches for nuclear shell-model calculations - Noritaka Shimizu (Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo)   (RIBF201)
14:30 Nuclear data generation using machine learning - Hiroki Iwamoto (JAEA)   (RIBF201)
15:00 Exploration of automated data processing for mass production of nuclear data at RIBF - Shoichiro Kawase (Kyushu University)   (RIBF201)
15:30 Closing Remarks - Yukinobu Watanabe (Kyushu University) Toshiya Sanami (KEK)   (RIBF201)
16:00 --- Coffee ---
FacilityTour (until 17:30) (RIBF201)