9-10 March 2011
RIBF 2F Conference Room, RIKEN Nishina Center
Asia/Tokyo timezone
SAMURAI is a spectrometer which is now being constructed at RIKEN RIBF. This spectrometer is characterized by the large angular- and momentum-acceptances enabling, for example, multi-particle coincidence measurements. The on-site construction started in October 2010, and commissioning experiments are to be performed in early 2012. In October 2010, we submitted a construction proposal to the PAC and this proposal was reviewed positively. We also held a workshop rather locally in November to summarize the current status of construction and also to discuss possible research subjects at SAMURAI. Taking this opportunity, we would like to have an international workshop to discuss possible research programs as well as technical issues including detector development and construction. The "SAMURAI collaboration" so far is based on the construction teams which cover specific detectors and/or experimental devices. One of the purposes of this workshop is to extend the collaboration to more researchers who are interested in SAMURAI-based experiments and developments, in order to facilitate involvoment of scientists in the world and to buildup and enrich research subjects using SAMURAI.
RIBF 2F Conference Room, RIKEN Nishina Center