10-12 November 2011
RIKEN Nishina Center
Asia/Tokyo timezone
The construction of the Rare-RI Ring, which is a principle large experimental apparatus at RIKEN RI Beam Factory (RIBF), will start soon. The main purpose of the Rare-RI Ring is to measure masses of unstable nuclei, located very far from stability, which are related to the astrophysical r-process. The Rare-RI Ring can also be used for lifetime measurements of unstable nuclei, reaction studies on unstable nuclei with internal targets, and so on. In this workshop, technical issues related to the Rare-RI Ring and possible physics programs in the Rare-RI Ring will be discussed. This workshop also provides a good occasion to meet researchers from around the world in fields related to storage rings and mass measurements of unstable nuclei. This workshop will be done as one of the satellite workshops prior to OMEG11 (http://indico.cns.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=43). Participants for OMEG11 who are especially interested in mass measurements and physics of storage rings are encouraged to participate this workshop. This workshop is also supported by Pre-Strategic Initiatives, University of Tsukuba.
RIKEN Nishina Center
Nishina Hall (2nd floor of Nishina Building)
2-1, Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama
  • Akira OZAWA
  • Masanori WAKASUGI
  • Michiharu WADA
  • Takayuki YAMAGUCHI
  • Takeshi SUZUKI
  • Tomohiro UESAKA
  • Yoshitaka YAMAGUCHI