20-21 June 2012
RIBF bldg.
Asia/Tokyo timezone

How to enter RIKEN campus

<every morning=""><every morning="">HOW TO ENTER RIKEN CAMPUS

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1) Please drop by at the guard station of the "West Gate" upon your arrival RIKEN.

2) Tell your name and the purpose of your visit ( RIBF Users Meeting )
to the guardian at the West Gate.

3) Receive an "one day temporary entry permit" and proceed to
the Conference Hall (2nd floor) of RIBF building.

4) Please return the one day temporary entry permit to the guardian of the West Gate
or the Main Gate at the end of the day.

< Location of buildings : Please see the 'Layout of Facilities' at the following web site >
West Gate : H-8
Main Gate : G-4
Conference Hall, 2nd floor of Nishina Center RIBF Building : E-3(#45)