This workshop is dedicated to bring together the experimentalists and theorists working on fragmentation functions (FF) for the discussion of current results and their implications to future QCD measurements. Fragmentation functions describe to process of how a quasi-free parton at high energy fragments into confined, final state hadrons. They can be best measured in e+e- annihilation, where the initial state does not involve hadrons, but using the knowledge of unpolarized parton distribution functions they can also be extracted in semi-inclusive DIS and pp collisions. Recently, there is also increased interest into spin-dependent fragmentation and the transverse momentum dependence of FFs. The workshop program will consist of about one day dedicated to unpolarized fragmentation functions, one to polarized fragmentation functions and the last day towards future developments and applications of fragmentation functions. On the first day of the workshop there will be a reception on the RIKEN campus. Confirmed speakers include: -Marco Stratmann, -Marco Radici, -Elena Boglione, -Hrayr Matevosyan, -David Muller, -Yoshitaka Hatta, -Anselm Vossen, -Francesca Giordano, -Martin Leitgab