RIBF討論会 (RIBF Discussion)

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  • Akihisa Kohama
  • Daiki Nishimura
  • Takashi Nakatsukasa



【常任実行委員】上坂友洋、笹野匡紀(理研仁科センター) 、中務孝(筑波大/理研仁科センター)、西村太樹(東京理科大)、吉田賢市(新潟大)、Liang, Haozhao (理研仁科センター)

"RIBF Discussion" is aiming at domestic collaboration among theory and experiment related to physics in RIBF, and at achieving maximum outputs from RIBF. It is held roughly every two months.

Each meeting has a specific theme and invites lecturers both from experimental and theoretical sides. The style is somewhat different from a normal one, but with a long discussion time. The meeting site is not necessarily at RIKEN, but held at major insitutes in Japan. We keep an informal atmosphere and try to stimulate lively discussion among participants. After the meeting, usually we have a joint dinner together with lecturers and participants.

Organizing committee

T. Uesaka (RIKEN), M. Sasano (RIKEN), T. Nakatsukasa (Tsukuba/RIKEN), H.Z. Liang (RIKEN), D. Nishimura (TUS), K. Yoshida (Niigata)

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