10-11 April 2014
Japan timezone
Since spring 2012, we have conducted a series of successful EURICA campaigns using about 70 days of beam time at RIBF. At present, the cluster detectors are schedule to return to GSI in Dec 2015. To maximize the scientific outputs from EURICA we are planning to hold the 3rd EURICA collaboration meeting in April at RIKEN. Date: April 10-11th Place: RIBF 201 Conference Hall Abstract deadline: March 21 Registration deadline: April 10 TV conference: To be checked The main purpose will be to discuss new proposals (stopped-beam, fast-beam, and g-factor measurements) for the next PACs. In addition, we would like to share information about already performed experiments among the EURICA collaborators. Thus, the main scientific program will consist of: (1) Technical information about data analysis (2) Status and progress of data analysis (3) Foreseen schedule to complete data analysis and publications (4) Ideas for new proposals We appreciate your continuous support very much and are looking forward to see you in RIKEN.