5-6 June 2015
Asia/Tokyo timezone
Purpose of the workshop: •To provide an opportunity for ideas on innovative use of the SπRIT TPC •To form collaborations to propose experiments to the December 2015 RIKEN PAC* Construction of the SAMURAI Pion-Reconstruction and Ion-Tracker (SπRIT), a Time Projection Chamber (TPC) designed to reside within the gap of SAMURAI magnet at RIBF, has been shipped to RIKEN from MSU. A detailed description and properties of the SπRIT TPC can be found at http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.nima.2015.01.026. Procedure to insert the SπRIT TPC into the SAMURAI magnet chamber was established and tested successfully last summer. As of mid-February, 2015, half of the GET electronics has been installed and we are taking cosmic data. We expect to have all the GET-CoBo boards within a month and will complete the installation of the electronics. We are currently planning to commission the detector and run the approved physics program on Equation of State starting this Fall. Even though the main science program of SπRIT TPC is to measure the density dependence of the nuclear symmetry energy around twice the saturation density, the TPC design is versatile and with slight modifications, it can be used as an active target. The nearly 4 pi coverage of the TPC with its ability to function as an active target will extend the scientific reach of many physics programs using rare isotopes such as •Electron capture rates in Supernovae and other nuclear astrophysics program. •Fission barrier studies of exotic nuclei •Exotic decays and processes •Resonance studies •EOS studies with heavy ion collisions and Giant Resonances We hope you will join us for stimulating discussions of possible science programs with the SπRIT TPC. If you want to present a short talk or suggest names (including your own) for talks, please contact one of the organizers or submit an abstract on the website before May 1, 2015. Organizing Committee TadaAki Isobe Mizuki Kurata-Nishimura Tetsuya Murakami Betty Tsang *Note that RIKEN PAC is meeting once a year starting in 2015. In order to co-ordinate experiments using the SAMURAI magnet, the SAMURAI International Collaboration (SIC) requires that all proposals be submitted first to the board of directors of the (SIC) for consideration during their annual collaboration meetings in September.
RIBF Large Conf. Room
  • Mizuki Kurata-Nishimura
  • Tadaaki Isobe