RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar

Nuclear Physics Seminar 2-SlotSeries Plus! 'Structure evolutions in exotic nuclei and nuclear forces by Prof. Takaharu Otsuka (Department of Physics/Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo) (1/2)

Conference Hall (RIBF building)

Conference Hall

RIBF building

Announcement of the 203rd RIKEN RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar
       RIBF+CNS Nuclear Physics Seminar 2-Slot Series Plus!

Lecturer:  Prof. Takaharu Otsuka
       (Department of Physics / Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo)

Title: Structure evolutions in exotic nuclei and nuclear forces
            * The talk will be given in English.

Dates:[1st day] July 1st (Wed.) 2015   13:30 - 15:00, 15:30-17:00
        [2nd day] July 2nd (Thu) 2015   13:30 - 15:00
Place:  RIBF Hall, RIBF bldg.

I will present an overview as to how the structure of exotic nuclei changes
as a function of the neutron number (i.e., the distance from the beta stability
line), in comparison to stable nuclei, as consequences of particular components
of nuclear forces.  The discussions will be kept as basic as possible.  These
components include central, tensor, spin-orbit and three-body forces. They
produce characteristic effects, some of which can be considered to be paradigm
shifts (from the common sense of stable nuclei).  These changes become visible
as the shell evolution, but also can be seen in nuclear shapes, for example, in
the form of the shape evolution and the shape coexistence.  I will point out that
Landau’s quantum liquid picture on nuclear structure gains a new aspect in
exotic nuclei also due to proton and neutron composition of nuclei. Thanks to
developments of RI beam facilities worldwide including RIBF, various new
features connected to those evolutions have been observed.  I will touch on
calculations of physical observables, including recent developments made by
Tokyo shell-model group, for instance, with the Monte Carlo Shell Model and
the K-computer.  I will comment that these developments have applications
to other fields of science like double-beta decay and nuclear transmutation.
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