Sep 25 – 27, 2015
RIKEN Wako Campus
Asia/Tokyo timezone
The Quark Matter 2015 meeting will be held from September 27 to October 3, 2015 at the Kobe Fashion Mart, Kobe, Japan:
As usual, the PHENIX Collaboration will hold a nearby pre-meeting to rehearse oral presentations and to hold an Institutional Board meeting:
Note that the overlap day of Sunday, September 27 is the Student Day in Kobe, but the morning may have final rehearsal sessions at RIKEN for those who are neither students nor lecturers.
Please plan to arrive at RIKEN on Thursday, September 24 (which for travel from the U.S. means departure on Wednesday, September 23, because a day is lost crossing the international date line). Recommended travel from RIKEN to Kobe is by high-speed train.
If you have any logistical or transportation questions about the preQM15 meeting (that are not answered on the website), please contact the local organizer: Yuji Goto <>.
RIKEN Wako Campus
Okochi Hall
(NEW) Travel with Shinkansen from Wako to Kobe: The following is a simple way of traveling with Shinkansen (high speed train) from Wako (Wakoshi station) to Kobe (Sannomiya station).
1. Take an express or local train from Wakoshi to Ikebukuro. You can use SUICA or PASMO.
2. Since SUICA or PASMO cannot be used for Shinkansen, we recommend you to buy a Shinkansen ticket at Ikebukuro station. You can buy it at JR ticket office.
You can use a ticket counter or reservation ticket vending machine in the office. We recommend you to take a reserved seat and select one of the following routes:
* Ikebukuro =[Yamanote line]=> Tokyo =[Nozomi (Shinkansen)]=> Shin-Kobe
* Ikebukuro =[Yamanote line]=> Shinagawa =[Nozomi (Shinkansen)]=> Shin-Kobe
3. At Shin-Kobe station, take Kobe city subway to go to Sannomiya. You can use SUICA or PASMO.
There are many Shinkansen, every 15 min or so. You will have no problem getting a reserved seat at Ikebukuro station. If you want to plan your travel in advance, you can use a train route finder, e.g.:Jorudan
There is one option to buy your ticket at a travel company near RIKEN before your moving day. There is a travel company near Wakoshi station. We will be able to prepare your ticket at the travel company, though payment should be done by yourself at the company office.
There is one issue to use Shinkansen. Shinkansen doesn't have dedicated space for large luggage. If the size of your luggage is carry-on luggage size of airplane, there is no problem. It can be put at the overhead shelf. If you have larger luggage and want to get wide enough space, there are several ways.
a) There is a space behind rear most seat of each compartment. You can reserve a rearmost seat or ask to use the space for your luggage.
b) You can use higher-class seat (called Green car) which has wider space for each seat.
c) You can send your luggage to hotel using delivery service.
IC Smart Card (SUICA or PASMO): We recommend to get IC Smart Card (SUICA or PASMO) in the airport or at any train/subway stations. SUICA or PASMO is a rechargeable smart card used as a fare card on train/subway lines in Japan. You can buy it at card vending machines at any train/subway stations. You can also use it in Kobe or Kansai area for transportation between your hotel and QM2015 venue. In addition, RIKEN cafeteria only accept SUICA or PASMO for payment. When we go to lunch at RIKEN cafeteria on Sep. 25 (Fri), we need it.
VISA: Attendees who need a visa to enter Japan should include a schedule to attend the PHENIX pre-QM2015 collaboration meeting when you submit a Visa Information Form to the QM2015 secretariat. Please clearly write your attendance at the PHENIX pre-QM2015 collaboration meeting at the RIKEN Wako campus.
When you wite the visa information form, please fill "Flight Number" and "Accommodataion/Tel" information even if they are tentative and are not booked yet. Please don't make any blank period in your schedule nor remain any blank field in the form. Any defects in the form may delay the process to issue the invitation letter significantly.
How to get to RIKEN: Narita Airport (NRT) is the main international airport of Tokyo. From the U.S., we recommend that you fly to Narita and note that you must depart from the U.S. on Wednesday, September 23rd, because you will cross the international date line and lose a day. The good news is that when flying back to the U.S., you arrive on the same day that you depart, because you gain back one day.
From Narita Airport, you can come to Wako-shi subway station via train and subway. RIKEN wako campus is about 15 minutes walk from Wako-shi station. Please refer to this Access Map and Direction from Narita to RIKEN Wako Institute.
REGISTRATION:  No registration fee. Please register as soon as possible using the Registration Form ( PHENIX Internal, RACF account required ).
HOTEL RESERVATION:  If you contact our secretary at RIKEN, Keiko Suzuki, she can make a reservation for you. Or you can use these online forms - Toyoko Inn Wako-shi Ekimae and Super Hotel Saitama. Both hotels are only a few minutes of walk from the Wako-shi station. The hotel links above have access maps to the hotels. We are also trying to get a number of on-site housing at RIKEN.
REGISTRATION UPDATES:  If your information changes or you have updates, please use the edit icon of the desired entry on the view page ( PHENIX collaborators only ), fill in all the information that you now know, and submit again. Each time you submit, the edited entry will replace the earlier info and an e-mail message about the changes will be sent to the local organizer Yuji Goto.