6-10 November 2017
Okochi Hall (Wako Campus, RIKEN)
Asia/Tokyo timezone


We are pleased to announce an international workshop on Astrophysical Big Bangs, which will cover supernovae, supernova remnants, gamma-ray bursts, black holes, neutron stars, and high-energy astrophysics in general.  We are inviting numerous VIPs (very important collaborators and best friends) from around the world to give talks, and both current and past ABBL members are welcome to present their work.  The workshop will be held from November 6th to 10th, but we will also have one more week for free discussion (November 13th-17th).  During this second week, we plan to have casual discussion sessions in the morning and completely free afternoons; we would like to talk with our VIPs and ABBL alumni about ongoing and/or future collaborations.

We can offer desks, chairs, and room(s) for discussion during the discussion week.  We can also arrange lodging for international guests if desired.

Please enjoy your visit to RIKEN, Japan. We are looking forward to seeing you in November!

On behalf of Organizers, Shigehiro Nagataki
Dates for workshop: from 6 November 2017 to 10 November 2017
Dates for free discussion: from 13 November 2017 to 17 November 2017
Timezone: Asia/Tokyo
Location: Okochi Hall (Wako Campus, RIKEN)
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan
  • Masanori Arakawa, Maria G. Dainotti, Gilles Ferrand, Shun Furusawa, Haoning He, Susumu Inoue, Hirotaka Ito, Oliver Just, Herman S.-H. Lee, Jirong Mao, Jin Matsumoto, Akira Mizuta, Shigehiro Nagataki (Chair), Masaomi Ono, Sarira Sahu, Alexey Tolstov, Donald C. Warren, Annop Wongwathanarat
List of VIPs:
  • Miguel Aloy, Yoshiyuki Inoue, Thomas Janka, Toshitaka Kajino, Pawan Kumar, Alexander Kusenko, Davide Lazzati, Amir Levinson, Keiichi Maeda, Salvatore Orlando, Tyler Parsotan, Daniel Patnaude, Samar Safi-Harb, Toshikazu Shigeyama, Patrick Slane, Yasunobu Uchiyama, Hideyuki Umeda

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