6-10 November 2017
Okochi Hall (Wako Campus, RIKEN)
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Excursion (Nov. 8th)

Excursion (Nov. 8th)

We will go to Fukagawa Edo Museum and visit Asakusa area by bus as the excursion on Nov 8th (VIPs & Organizers only). Here is information for the participants of the excursion.

Fukagawa Edo Museum

Introduction to Asakusa (youtube)

Map of Asakusa area (pdf)

Access to RIKEN (Asakusa) from Asakusa (RIKEN) (pdf)

Time schedule and Meeting Points

 13:20      Meeting (at the point ① in Map 2)
        * Please come to the point ① by 13:20
 13:30      Departure
 14:35 - 15:35  Fukagawa Edo Museum
 16:00 - 17:15  Asakusa (Temporal Dismissing at ③ / Re-meeting at ③ in Map 3)
        * We will drop off at ② in Map 3 and ride on the bus at the point ④ to leave for RIKEN.
            Please make sure you come to the point ③ by 17:15.
 18:15      Wako-shi Station
 19:00      Wako Campus, RIKEN



Map 1 (Part of Wako Campus, RIKEN)
Map 1


Map 2 (3D view of the rectangular region in Map 1)

Map 2

Map 3 (Asakusa area)

Map 3