Nishina School 2019

RIBF Conference Hall, RIBF 2nd floor 2-1 Hiroswa, Wako-city, Saitama-prefecture, JAPAN

The 13th Nishina School
Period: From July 30 - August 9
Venue : RIBF Large Meeting Room
Participating University:
         Peking University
         Seoul National University
         The University of Hong Kong
         Rikkyo University
         Tohoku University
                   ( and Phillips Exeter Academy)

Social Events

Tuesday July 30th      12:00-13:15  Luncheon  Party 

Wednesday  July 31th     18:00-20:00 Do it by yourself Party (RIBF Room401)

Friday  August 9th  18:00 - 20:00  Farewell Party (2F Hirosawa Club)


Final Presentation by Participating Students

Friday August 9th  13:30-16:00

(Closing: 16:00-17:00)

The agenda of this meeting is empty