The 12th International Workshop on Fundamental Physics Using Atoms (FPUA2020)

Okochi Hall (RIKEN)

Okochi Hall


2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198

Workshop Objectives

Recently much effort has been directed to investigate the fundamental physics which exploits remarkable developments in atomic physics and/or quantum optical techniques. Notable examples include (A) test of the time reversal invariance by observing permanent electric dipole moments of atoms or molecules, (B) neutrino mass spectroscopy using atoms, (C) measurement of the fine structure constant’s time dependence with precision using atomic clocks etc. This conference aims to strengthen these efforts by bringing together recent research results, discussing future prospects, and expanding research networks. The program will consist of invited and contributed talks. Participants who wish to be considered for contributed talks must submit their contribution at the time of registration.

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  • Shun Seo
  • Takahiko Masuda
  • Tomoya Naito
  • Yasuhiro Sakemi
  • Yasuyuki KANAI
  • Yuichi Ichikawa
  • Yutaka Shikano
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