The 24th Interdisciplinary Exchange Evening will be held ONLINE at 4PM on September 28th (Tue), 2021. It is organized by RIKEN Scientists’ Assembly Steering Committee.

This workshop is aimed to encourage collaborative research projects and to provide opportunities for all RIKEN members to get to know each other in a cross-disciplinary setting.

The first part is a PI talk session. We are pleased to have four Guest Speakers, Dr. Fumiaki Obata (BDR), Dr. Aya Ito-Ishida (CBS), Dr. Yuki Nakamura (CSRS), and Dr. Dan Ohtan Wang (BDR), who are recently appointed to RIKEN. In the second part,  30 Short Talks Parallel Sessions will be held by the Awardees in Incentive Research Projects (FY2019). The third part of the workshop is Social Gathering.

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Organizer: RIKEN Scientists’ Assembly Steering Committee (SASC)
Researcher Exchange Working Group
Web site:

Collaborator: Policy Planning Division Planning Section (RIKEN Science Council' Secretariat)



16:00    Opening remarks (Dr. Yasushi Watanabe)


Invited talks from new PIs

20 minutes, including Q&A.

Chairperson: Laurean Ilies

16:05    Dr. Fumiaki Obata (Laboratory for Nutritional Biology, BDR)

16:25    Dr. Aya Ito-Ishida (Laboratory for Brain Development and Disorders, CBS)

16:45    Dr. Yuki Nakamura (Laboratory for Plant Lipid Research, CSRS)

17:05    Dr. Dan Ohtan Wang (Laboratory for Neuroepitranscriptomics, BDR)

17:25    Break


Short Talks Parallel Sessions (see "Scientific Programme" for details): Recipients of the FY2019 Incentive Research Project Awards

5 minutes presentations, Q&A via chat only


18:40     Online Social Gathering

19:05     Closing Remarks



令和3(2021)年9月28日(火)16時より、『第24回 異分野交流の夕べ』をオンラインにて開催します(主催:研究員会議幹事会)。



Zoom link:




第24回 異分野交流の夕

令和3(2021)年9月28日(火), 16:00–19:00

企画:研究員会議幹事会 研究者交流WG  (





16:00 開会の辞 ( 渡邊 )

16:05 New PIトーク(質疑込み20 min

16:05 小幡 史明(生命機能科学研究センター 栄養応答研究チーム)

16:25 石田 綾(脳神経科学研究センター 脳発達病態研究チーム)

16:45 中村 友輝(環境資源科学研究センター 植物脂質研究チーム)

17:05 丹(生命機能科学研究センター 脳エピトランスクリプトミクス研究チーム)

17:25 休憩

17:35  FY2019奨励課題採択者 によるショート・トーク 詳細は"Scientific Programme"を参照)


18:40 オンライン懇親会

19:05 閉会の辞


On line