Scientific Programme


16:00 Opening remarks (Dr. Yasushi Watanabe)

Invited talks from new PIs
20 minutes, including Q&A.
Chairperson: Laurean Ilies
16:05 Dr. Fumiaki Obata (Laboratory for Nutritional Biology, BDR)
16:25 Dr. Aya Ito-Ishida (Laboratory for Brain Development and Disorders, CBS)
16:45 Dr. Yuki Nakamura (Laboratory for Plant Lipid Research, CSRS)
17:05 Dr. Dan Ohtan Wang (Laboratory for Neuroepitranscriptomics, BDR)
17:25 Break

Short Talks Parallel Sessions: recipients of the FY2019 Incentive Research Project Awards
5 minutes presentations, Q&A via chat only.
Session 1
Chairperson: Motomasa Tanaka
17:35 Masae Ohno (Laboratory for Cell Systems Control, BDR): “Nucleosome folding change upon DNA-damage response”
17:40 Masahiro Nakao (Programming Environment Research Team, R-CCS): “The Order/Degree Problem for low-latency interconnection network”
17:45 Sobi Asako (Advanced Organic Synthesis Research Team, CSRS): “Remote Steric Control for Meta-Selective C-H Borylation of Simple Arenes”
17:50 Tsuyoshi Yamaura (Software Development Technology Unit, R-CCS): “Establishing the new method for ensemble weather/climate forecasting simulations due to reduced-precision floating-point numbers”
17:55 Fumiko Kawasaki (Imperfect Information Learning Team, AIP): “Understanding cross-species microbial interactions using a highly-multiplexed analysis”
18:00 Toshiki Sato (High Energy Astrophysics Laboratory, CPR): “Examining the explosive nucleosynthesis at the deepest part of an exploding massive star”
18:05 Tomoya Maeda (Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University & BDR): “Laboratory evolution of bacterial multispecies community for antibiotic resistance”
18:10 Daichi Suzuki (Quantum Effect Device Research Team, CEMS): “Ultrafine Bubbles for Transparent Nanoporous Polymers”
18:15 Shogo Matoba (Bioresource Engineering Laboratory, BRC): “Establishment of novel mouse genetic tools to dissect placental development: Placenta Cre lines”
18:20 Qianchun Weng (Surface and Interface Science Laboratory, CPR): “Development of a novel terahertz single-photon detector based on a quantum-well gated nanotransistor”
18:25 Atsushi Taketani (Neutron Beam Technology Team, RAP): “Stroboscopic neutron flash imaging for repetitive motion machine by compact neutron source”
18:30 Hiroki Sasaguri (Laboratory for Proteolytic Neuroscience, CBS): “Establishing a novel gene therapy for Alzheimer’s disease utilizing in vivo base editing technology”
18:35 Yuhki Kohsaka (Emergent Phenomena Measurement Research Team, CEMS): “Visualizing a non-trivial topology of wave function by spectroscopic imaging scanning tunneling microscopy”

Session 2
Chairperson: Genshiro Sunagawa
17:35 Luc Gailhouste (Liver Cancer Prevention Research Unit, CPR): “Epigenome editing technology for the targeted demethylation and reactivation of tumor-suppressor microRNAs”
17:40 Serien Daniela (AIST, Innovative Laser Processing Group & RAP): “High-throughput drug screening biochip for multiple sclerosis”
17:45 Igor Nasibullin (Biofunctional Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory, CPR): “An artificial metalloenzyme biosensor can detect ethylene gas in fruits and Arabidopsis leaves”
17:50 Takashi Notake (Tera-Photonics Research Team, RAP): “Diamond Machining of Organic N-Benzyl-2-Methyl-4-Nitroaniline Crystal for New Coherent THz-Light Source”
17:55 Korenobu Matsuzaki (Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory, CPR): “Development of sub-shot-noise circular dichroism spectroscopy using a quantum light source”
18:00 Yi-Lun Tsai (Dormancy and Adaptation Research Unit, CSRS): “The Role of Plant Seed Coat in Spermosphere Regulations and Biotic Interactions”
18:05 Hideyuki Miyatake (Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory, CPR): “Preparation of an artificial antibody (aAb) to inhibit PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint”
18:10 Bivas Rana (Quantum Nanoscale Magnetism Laboratory, CEMS): “Electric field controlled magnonic devices”
18:15 Tetsuro Kobayashi (Laboratory for Innate Immune Systems, IMS): “Innate lymphoid cells regulates skin barrier homeostasis”
18:20 Yutaro Mori (Cell Factory Research Team, CSRS): “Rational design of enzyme mutants for regioselective carboxylation to biosynthesis the terephthalic acid in Escherichia coli”
18:25 Takaoki Takanashi (Neutron beam technology team, RAP): “Development of one-shot optical projection tomography system for three-dimensional live calcium imaging of brain neurons”
18:30 Ryo Maeda (Cellular Informatics Laboratory, CPR): “Analysis of dynamic changes of membrane lipid environments associated with the activation of membrane receptors”
18:35 Tomonori Fukuchi (Laboratory for Pathophysiological and Health Science, BDR): “Spatial resolution enhancement for imaging system using a pixel shifting method”

Session 3
Chairperson: Yasuyuki Shima
17:35 Takeshi Itabashi (Laboratory for Cell Field Structure, BDR): “3D CLEM imaging of FIB-SEM for cell organelles”
17:40 Atsushi Shibai (Laboratory for Multiscale Biosystem Dynamics, BDR): ‘’ Early attempts on laboratory evolution of petroleum-degrading bacteria”
17:45 Yugo Oshima (Meson Science Laboratory, CPR): “Development of the pmol-order ROS detection method using electron spin resonance"
17:50 Satoshi Amaya (Tokyo University & Laboratory for Integrated Biodevice, BDR): “Construction of rapid and highly sensitive on-site detection system for harmful microorganism”
17:55 Poonperm Rawin (Laboratory for Developmental Epigenetics, BDR): “Inactive-X switching: a novel checkpoint mechanism that senses chromosomal abnormalities?”
18:00 Hazuki Takahashi (Laboratory for Transcriptome Technology, IMS): “Functional elucidation of lncRNA Binding Protein complex in living cells”
18:05 Antonio Bolea Albero (Laboratory for Epithelial Morphogenesis, BDR): “Elucidating the effect of geometry on mechanical stresses during epithelial morphogenesis”
18:10 Hiroyoshi Aoki (Ultrahigh Precision Optics Technology Team, RAP): “Development of a Multiplex Microgas Environment”
18:15 Kanato Goto (iTHEMS): “From Black holes to the Beginning of the Universe”
18:20 Masashi Ueki (Glycometabolic Biochemistry Laboratory, CPR): “Making invisible things visible: Development of specific probes for visualizing soluble lipid dynamics”
18:25 Kiyomichi Imamura (Laboratory for Mental Biology, CBS & Kobe University): “Establishment of resilience model for chronic stress utilizing clock mutant mouse”
18:30 Sohtaro Kanda (Meson Science Laboratory, CPR & KEK): “Development of a solid hydrogen target for muonic atom spectroscopy in vacuum towards solving the proton radius puzzle”

18:40 Online Social Gathering
19:05 Closing Remarks