23-24 May 2011
RIKEN Nishina Center
Asia/Tokyo timezone

2nd Announcement

Dear all, 

the registration for the

                 E(U)RICA International Workshop

                       May 23-24, 2011
                RIKEN Nishina Center, Wako, Japan

is now open. Please note that due the unavailability of a number of 
interested participants at the previously given dates, we have decided 
to change the dates. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by this 
date change. If you plan to attend the meeting, please follow the
registration instructions given below.

NB: Further information will NOT be broadly distributed,
    but will be sent only to people who have registered.

The primary objective of this workshop is to bring the nuclear structure 
community together in order to establish the collaboration and to define and 
decide on the scientific program arising from coupling the Cluster 
detectors with the BigRIPS fragment separator. We would like to focus 
on experiments for a stopped beam configuration employing the techniques 
of isomer and beta-delayed gamma-ray spectroscopy. The presented ideas and 
discussions are expected to lead into scientific proposals for the RIBF NP-PAC 
at the end of this year. In case there is an interest by the community for 
other techniques, these ideas are welcome to be presented and discussed during 
the workshop. 

A nice description of the former RISING stopped beam configuration can be 
found in:


The foreseen location of the E(U)RICA spectrometer is at the F11 focal point
after the BigRIPS and ZeroDegree spectrometers. Expected and achieved RIBF 
accelerator intensities are given on the web-page:


For the workshop it is not necessary to specify accurate numbers for
the anticipated gamma-ray yield, but rough estimations can be very helpful 
in the discussions. Thus, if you want/need to make detailed LISE++ 
secondary beam calculations for your ideas, please visit this web-page:


One possible ancillary detector for beta-delayed gamma-ray decay studies is 
described in:


For technical inquiries, please feel free to send an email to:  


We are looking forward to seeing you at RIKEN.

With best regards,
Shunji Nishimura, Pieter Doornenbal, and Tohru Motobayashi


Registration and abstract submission

Please register by following the three steps below:

1) create an account on the RIKEN INDICO system:
   (skip this, if you already have an account)


2) sign-in into the INDICO system:


3) register for the workshop by following the 'Registration' link:


For the submission of an abstract or summary for a presentation, click
on 'Submit a new Abstract' after you have registered.

Only in case you encounter a problem with the RIKEN INDICO system,
please send an email to euroball@riken.jp and fill out the form below:

  Given Name:
  Family Name:
  Presentation Title:
  Presentation Summary:


We have reserved a limited amount of 6 guest rooms at the Nishina Lodge 
(Building 18 on the RIKEN map) and 10 guest rooms in the International 
House H (Building 5 on the RIKEN map) from May 22nd to May 25th. 
If you wish to stay at the Nishina Lodge or the International House, please 
indicate it on the Registration page. The prices are 3,300 or
2,500 yen per night, respectively.

Depending on the vacancy, it may be possible to stay longer than the 
above dates. In such a case, please send an email to euroball@riken.jp 
and we will try to extend the reservation for you.

If you prefer to stay closer to the Wakoshi-station, there are two  
possibilities. The 'Toyoko Inn' for which you can make a reservation 
yourself on the web page in English:


The other option is the 'Super Hotel', which is new and also very
close to the station:


Their web page is in English, but the reservation page seems to be in
Japanese only.

If you don't speak Japanese, please try the first hotel (Toyoko Inn)
and if it is already booked, please ask for help by sending an email 


and our secretary will help you with the reservation.

Travel arrangement

If you need help with your travel arrangement, such as obtaining a
visa for Japan please send an email to:


and we will try to help you.

Join the RIBF user group

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