May 23 – 26, 2023
Asia/Tokyo timezone

This workshop is primarily focused on physics at RIBF and FRIB that can be probed using high intensity beams like equation of state of neutron stars but also e.g. fission. Following topics are supposed to be covered in this workshop.

  • neutron star
  • nuclear symmetry energy and equation of state
  • heavy ion collision
  • transport model
  • nuclear fission
The workshop will take place in RIKEN from May 23 to May 24 and will be followed by the Samurai TPC Collaboration Meeting (May 25-26). 
A special session of seminar talk by Bill Lynch (MSU/FRIB) is allocated in first day co-organized with RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar.
While zoom connection will be arranged for those who cannot come to RIKEN to participate in the workshop, we encourage to participate in person for the discussion.
RIKEN RIBF building May 23,24: 2F Large conference room May 25,26: 2F small conference room
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After entering through the West gate, receive your temporary ID badge at the Gate house and head for RIBF large conference room, RIBF building: E01 of campus map in

The temporal ID badge can be used for opening the entrance doors of buildings.

Cafeterias and Convenience Store:


Guest / eduroam wifi is available.


Access to RIKEN:

Note that an airport bus from Narita to Wako is not operated.

There are two ways to come from Narita to Wako:

Option A) Airport bus from Narita to Ikebukuro then train from Ikebukuro to Wako.

(1)Take off the bus at the last stop in Ikebukuro west gate.

Airport bus

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Option B) Train from Narita to Wako.

[Narita airport] – ( Keisei Sky Access Line) -> [Nippori Station] –(JR Yamanote Line) -> [Ikebukuro]

For both cases, you have to take a train from Ikebukuro to Wako.

I recommend “Tobu Tojo line” from Ikebukuro to Wako. Choose “rapid express(快速急行)” or “express (急行)” or “semi-express(準急)“. It takes about 14 mins.


You can buy a traveling IC card for foreign travelers, so-called “welcome Suica” at Narita or Ikebukuro.

If you can come again, you should buy a normal IC card (SUICA or PASMO) because the welcome Suica will be expired in 28 days. Different railway companies provide SUICA and PASMO, but the usage is the same.

In addition, RIKEN cafeteria requests you to pay with SUICA/PASMO. Cash or credit cards are not accepted.

Accomodation options:

Hotel Toyoko Inn Wako-shi Ekimae

Super Hotel Saitama, in front of Wako Station

Tobu hotel

Limited number of RIKEN guest room can be used for your stay. If you want to use RIKEN guest house, please contact workshop organizer: