November 28, 2014 to December 5, 2014
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Scientific Program

List of invited speakers [tentative]

Topical Overviews
Yuri Litvinov                   Storage ring physics for RIB and fundamental physics
Henning Schmidt            Low-energy storage rings for molecular physics
Hermann Wollnik            MRTOF mass spectrometry
Yasunori Yamazaki        Experiments with antiprotons
Dietrich Leibfried            Ion quantum information processing

Susanne Kreim              ISOLTRAP
Ania Kwiatkowski           TITAN
Ryan Ringle                   LEBIT
Jason Clark                   CPT
Tommi Eronen               JYFLTrap
Michael Block                 SHIPTRAP
Zoran Andelkovic           SPECTRAP
Frank Herfurth               HITRAP
Szilard Nagy                  TRIGATRAP
Sergey Eliseev               PENTATRAP
YuHu Zhang                  CSRe
Yoshitaka Yamaguchi     Rare-RI Ring at RIKEN/RIBF
M. Wakasugi                 Self Confining RI ion Target (SCRIT)
Wolfgang Plaß               MRTOF at FRS
Robert Wolf                   MRTOF at ISOLDE
Peter Schury                 MRTOF at RIKEN
Makoto Fujiwara            ALPHA
Naofumi Kuroda           ASACUSA 
Patrice Perez                GBAR
Daniel Comparat           AEgIS
Yao Ke                         Shanghai EBIT
Nobuyuki Nakamura      Tokyo EBIT
D. Melconian                 New correlation Penning trap for fundamental physics at TAMU
Thomas Brunner            Paul trap for Ba tagging in double beta decay for EXO
Etienne Lienard             Status of LPC-Trap

Sven Sturm                    Electron Mass
Wilfried Nörtershäuser     QED tests at ESR
T. Azuma                        Molecular physics with electrostatic storage ring
Masaki Hori                    Two-photon laser spectroscopy of antiprotonic Helium and
                                       antiproton-to-electron mass ratio
Stefan Ulmer                  g-factor of p/pbar in a Penning trap
Oscar Versolato              Coulomb crystals in a cryogenic Paul trap for sympathetic
                                       cooling of molecular ions and highly charged ions
M. Sternberg                  New correlation and beta-delayed neutron in a Paul trap
Lorenz Willman               Parity violation measurements in trapped single radium ions
Eric Cornell                    EDM searches with charged molecules.
T. Chupp+                      Muon g-2 experiment at Fermi-lab
Naohito Saito                  Muon's g-2 experiment at J-PARC
Vladimir M. Shabaev       QED calculations in pertubative methods and numerical non
                                       perturbative approaches valid for strong fields
Christian Roos              A quantum information processor with trapped ions
Kenji Toyoda                  Experimental realizaiton of a quantum phase transition of
                                      polaritonic excitaitons
Taehyun Kim                  Quantum information processing and quantum optics,
                                        Application of Particle Trapping : Quantum Teleportation
+Not yet confirmed
  • Anti-Hydrogen

  • Applications of Particle Trapping

  • Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries

  • Ion Traps for Radioactive Nuclei and Highly Charged Ions

  • Precision Spectroscopy and Frequency Standards

  • Plasma Effects and Collective Behavior

  • Quantum and QED Effects

  • Storage Ring Physics

  • Other

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