13-17 June 2016
Niigata University (Ikarashi Campus)
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Travel info and Registration at the site (contents)

Travel info and Registration at the site

1. Information for your Travel 
  How to get to Niigata city?
  How to get to the Central Library, Niigata University?
  Train Route Finder
      Climate in Japan

2. Campus Map and Map of the Central Library

3. Registration of Participants and Admission to Meetings

4. Other Important Tips


1. Information for your Travel

The NIC school will be held in the central library, Niigata University (Ikarashi Campus) in the suburb of Niigata City, Japan.
First of all, please prepare some cash in Japanese Yen to visit School.
Cafeterias in the university, some local shops and restaurants, and many public transportations will not accept cards.
・How to Get to Niigata City?
Niigata City is located on the northwest coast of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. It is about 300 km north from the capital city Tokyo. There are two major ways to access Niigata City.
1. By Airplane
One can take a direct flight to Niigata International Airport from Seoul, Shanghai, and Harbin. Domestic flights from other major international airports in Japan (Tokyo(Narita), Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo) are not very frequent, but available.
You can use an airport shuttle bus from Niigata International Airport to the Niigata Station located in the center of Niigata City (25 mins ride). 
Further information about Airport Bus is available from the link below.
Airport Bus

2. Shin-kan-sen (Bullet Train) from Tokyo
One can also take flight to Tokyo International Airport (either Narita or Haneda) and take train to Tokyo Station (~1 hour ride from Narita Airport and less than 30 min from Haneda Airport). From Tokyo Station, one can get to Niigata Station in ~2 hours by taking bullet train, which goes almost every 30 min.
To plan your train trip in Japan, following link must be very helpful!
・How to get to the Central Library, Niigata University from Niigata City?
Please refer to the following link.
How to get to the Central Library?

・Tips for JR Train User
It costs 240 Japanese Yen to take JR train from Niigata Station to the Uniersity.
Tickets can be purchased from vending machine at the station.
Train route finder is useful for planning.


・Tips for Bus User
The fee of bus is 470 Japanese Yen.
You can pay the fee when you get out of the bus, just drop exact amount of coins in the box nearby bus driver.
(If you need change, give your 1000 Yen billet to the driver and ask for his/her help.)
The following links are the time table of busses and the map of Bus Boarding Area in Niigata Station for your help!
Bus Time Table (Niigata City ⇔ Central Library) 
Bus Stop at Niigata Station (Bandai Exit) 

・Climate in Japan
It is rainy season in Japan, in June. Please make the following link useful to check the weather during your stay.
Weather Forecast

2. Campus Map and Map of the Central Library

Campus Map
Central Library (Japanese)

Restaurants Map

3. Registration of Participants and Admission to Meetings

The registration of participans will be opend from 8:20 to 8 : 50 a.m. on 13th June (Mon) at the entrance of the Central Library Hall.
In case your arrival is later than that, please ask conference staff for the registration. 

4. Other Important Tips

What Types of Electric Plugs Do you have?

The voltage in Japan is 100 V, which is different from North America (120V), Central Europe (220V) and most other regions.

Most of the type of electric plugs/sockets used in Japan is the type-A. Sometimes type-B is used. Note that you can use a type-A plug for both type-A and type-B sockets but cannot use a type-B plug for a type-A socket. For details, see, e.g., http://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeA.htm

In the Library, only the type-A can be used. 
A voltage transducer or a travel adapter of AC plug should be prepared by an attendant who needs it. 


Where to have Lunch or Dinner during School?

Please refere to the map quite helpful for you to find cafe or restaurants from the link below!

Restaurants Map

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