This symposium with focus on modern technique and its outlook in heavy ion science will be held to commemorate Prof. Tohru Motobayashi’s outstanding scientific achievements during his lifelong dedication to the field of heavy ion science. Since the dawn of the history of fast radioactive isotope beams (RIB) about 30 years ago, multitudes of radioactive nuclei have been experimentally investigated and their exotic structure revealed at the heavy-ion accelerator facilities worldwide. The rapid growths of this field can be attributed to the enthusiasm of many physicists who aspired to develop new techniques which would overcome experimental difficulties in terms of intensity and quality of RIB. Emphasis should be given not only to experimental methods but also to instrumentation developments and reliable theoretical-models, all of which should be worked out closely together to promote further progress in the field. This symposium will provide both reviews and contribution talks on modern technique and its outlook for both experimental and theoretical studies of nuclear structure, reactions and nuclear astrophysics, and will also encourage discussions on perspectives of future growths at the facilities around the world. Prior to the symposium, a symposium on “Nuclei in the Cosmos XIV (NIC14)” will be held in Niigata, Japan from June 19 to 24, 2016. Contact e-mail address:
  • Hiroyoshi (the University of Tokyo/RIKEN) SAKURAI
  • Kazuo (Rikkyo University) IEKI
================================================== SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME ================================================== You can now download the scientific program from HERE (pdf file) .
The first session will start from 10:20am on Sunday, and from 9am on Monday. The last presentation on Sunday from 5pm is Professor Motobayashi’s 1-hour talk, which is followed by the symposium dinner. Lunch will not be served in the symposium. Please arrange your own lunch by yourself. There are many restaurants and coffee shops in the Ikebukuro area. ================================================== WI-FI CONNECTION ================================================== In the symposium hall, Wi-Fi connection with “eduroam” is available. ================================================== CONFERENCE VENUE ================================================== This symposium is held at Tachikawa Memorial Hall in Ikebukuro Campus of Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan. The nearest train station, Ikebukuro, is one of the major stations in the Yamanote Line (railway loop line in Tokyo). The access to Ikebukuro from other stations around Tokyo can be seen in the website . The Shinkansen trains from Niigata, where a symposium on "Nuclei in the Cosmos XIV (NIC14)" is held before this symposium, stop at Omiya, Ueno, and Tokyo Stations.
Ikebukuro Campus ( ) can be accessed in 7 minutes on foot from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station. "Tachikawa Memorial Hall" can be found in the campus map , in the area between "Gakuin North Gate" and "Gakuin South Gate". ================================================== CONFERENCE DINNER ================================================== The symposium dinner is held at the No.1 Dining Hall on campus (south of the University Main Gate), from 6:30pm on Sunday. The fee is 8,000 yen per person, including commemorative gifts to Professor Motobayashi. Please pay the fee at the entrance of the symposium site or at the entrance of the dinner place. The attendance requires preliminary reservation. The Dining Hall accepts participants' alcohol bottles served in the party ( 酒類持ち込み可です ). ================================================== CALL FOR CONTRIBUTED PAPERS ================================================== We call for scientific contributions which will be presented in this symposium. All participants interested in making a presentation are asked to submit an abstract. The abstract should be sent to as a camera-ready PDF file. The total length of the abstract including figure and references should not exceed one A4 page. All fonts used should be embedded in the PDF file. The deadline for the abstract submission is June 4, 2016. ================================================== REGISTRATION ================================================== The registration web page is open now. Please visit the following page and fill out the form. There is no registration fee for this symposium. A symposium dinner will be organized in the evening of the first day, June 26. Please check the mark on the bottom of the form if you participate in the symposium dinner. The fee is 8,000 Japanese Yen per person, including commemorative gifts to Professor Motobayashi. Attendance only at the symposium dinner and/or Professor Motobayashi's talk right before the dinner is accepted.
(ADDED on June 22) Registration for dinner has been closed/夕食の参加申し込みは締め切りました
================================================== ORGANIZERS ================================================== N. Aoi (RCNP, Osaka Univ.), K. Ieki (Rikkyo Univ., co-chair), K. Kurita (Rikkyo Univ.), S. Nishimura (RIKEN), H. Sakurai (RIKEN, co-chair), S. Shimoura (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo), T. Uesaka (RIKEN), Y. Yanagisawa (RIKEN), K. Yoneda (RIKEN) ================================================== HOST INSTITUTES ================================================== Rikkyo University
Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, RIKEN